UTV Bindass: Making The Youth Cool Or Fool?

Posted on March 21, 2012 in Specials

By Priyata Khushbu:

UTV Bindass, the number one coolest youth channel gives a very derogatory and demeaning picture of the youth of today. Being a youth channel, it tells you how to be cool (oops I meant fool). The slogan propagates ‘Be Bindass, Be Yourself’. Do the shows really celebrate individuality? The idea of ‘Be Yourself’ is completely negated by the constant appearance of fame and money hungry ‘wannabes’.

If you are alien to the term ‘wannabes’ then watch any show on UTV Bindass to get a picture of such fake, pretentious and bird brained people. ‘Wannabes’ is a certain category of people who spend their entire life being cool and end up making a fool of themselves in the journey of life. Appearance is very deceptive in their case as they will always wear the best of clothes but will lack thinking and reasoning skills. It is very cool for them to splurge money, party every night, have umpteen relationships and live empty lives. In matter of relationships they like to flit from one bough to the other as they have an aversion to commitment. This is the basic mindset of all the ‘wannabes’.

Shows like’ Emotional Atyachaar’, ‘Love Lockup’ and ‘Super stud’ have trivialised relationships to the meanest possible level. Why not hire a private detective to know if your partner is cheating on you?’ Emotional Atyachaar’ is actually an ‘atyachaar’ on people watching the show. It lacks novelty. All the episodes are about over dramatic partner (victim) crying her/ his lungs out after being made aware of the truth of the cheating partner, a spy (male/ female), the host acting as the negotiator in the end. Why should personal problems be telecasted for public speculation? ‘Love Lockup’ is yet another show about relationships with high profile stars like Aryan Vaid (what was his last movie or rather first?), Raja Choudhary (wife beater) and Shraddha (saw her first on Love Lockup) using this platform to solve differences with their partners and lead happy lives ever after ( a different partner for a different reality show). If they really want to solve their problems then will it not be better to either approach a marriage counsellor or talk to a mature person rather than trying to find solutions under camera supervision. The answer to all these emotionally battered, love forlorn and pitiful couples having a rocky relationship is their love for camera and fame which brings them to UTV Bindass. They want people to see how limited their world and mindset is.

‘Super stud’ is a show about 13 indecent, vulgar and ugly looking men. They are equipped with the talent to bluff 5 girlfriends at the same time and one of them actually claimed that he has dated 900 girls. I wonder he must have started dating ever since he was in his mother’s womb. The guys are further taught the art to woo girls by Ashmit Patel (same guy who circulated a fake mms to grab limelight). This is the youth of India different, cool and fake as projected by UTV Bindass.

‘Date Trap’ is a show where you can get mischievous by trapping your friend in a date which is bizarre and maddening. It is supposed to be hilarious because there are so many people doing the worst possible things to evoke laughter but it is simply irritating. In ‘Dadagiri’, the excessively loud male host assumes that viewers are deaf and the female host teaches the girls how to be masculine. At a time when Anti-Ragging cells are trying hard to spread the message of equal treatment, this show promotes bullies as the weakest is bound to lose in the battle of survival. The plotting done in every episode to evict the enemy shows the ingenuity and wickedness of youth. ‘Khan Sisters’ is a show on the same lines as ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians’. Watching this show is like peeping into someone’s personal life. Is that not what this show is meant to be? The ‘Khan Sisters’ are not even youth icons then why take the trouble of making a show on their everyday life?

There is something really wrong with my taste or I am simply not cool because I detest the coolest youth channel, UTV Bindass. It is time to set things right by telling such ‘wannabes’ to have an individuality and personality of their own rather than aping someone. Media certainly plays a very influential and inevitable role in the lives of people in moulding their opinion and attitude towards life. UTV Bindass is a channel full of ‘wannabes’ and for the ‘wannabes’. It is playing a negative role by projecting youth as unthinking creatures crazy after fame and stardom. This is not completely ruled out as there are some who are fame hungry but there are also those who are making positive contributions to the society. It is good to be different but not indifferent.

It is cool to engage in intellectual debates and think of finding solutions to social problems. It is cool to act as agents of change and get inspiration from people like Suhas Gopinath, who started his own IT company called Global Inc. at the age of 14 and is the youngest Indian Entrepreneur. It is inspiring to see people like Bina Kalindi who belongs to a small village near Purulia in West Bengal fighting against child marriage. She is a young 14 year old activist. It is amazing to see youth like Faith Gonsalves reaching out to street children who have had a traumatic life through her venture called ‘Music Basti’. She is set on a journey to give happiness and healing touch to such children through music.

A good youth channel should talk about such inspiring and motivating people who are transforming lives and spreading smiles. UTV Bindass will be more ‘bindass’ if it focuses on young entrepreneurs, social innovators and agents of age from across the country rather than torturing the rational percentage of youth with such horrendous shows.