“We Want Peace With India”, Ideology Of Pakistan Youth and Role Of Pakistan Youth Alliance

Posted on March 17, 2012 in Specials

By Ramanuj Ghosh:

From the outside world Pakistan may look like a country infected only with rising extremism, indiscriminate corruption, a bleeding economy, and years of military dictatorship. But the presence of only these grave lacunas does not provide the true and fair view of Pakistan as a whole. In reality Pakistani society exists at different levels. And at those different levels there is realistic existence of the values of democracy, secularism, liberalism, creative independence and women empowerment.

Another fact that may surprise many people from India is the growing voice among the young, educated, rational Pakistani youth who form fifty percent of the Pakistani population, are batting for absolute peace with India in the form of their social ventures which aim to obliterate social ills plaguing the Pakistani society from within and foster peace with India with innovative peace initiatives. One such organization to reckon with is Pakistan Youth Alliance (PYA).

Pakistan Youth Alliance (PYA) was founded by Syed Ali Abbas Zaidi on Nov, 2007 with the objective of churning out such a social revolution in Pakistani society that turns the Pakistani society into one of the most progressive, moderate, modern societies in the world. Syed Ali Abbas Zaidi , an aeronautical engineer, who instead of making missiles and joining the security establishment turned himself into a social soldier for the betterment of the Pakistani society.

Pakistan Youth Alliance (PYA) is a secular, non-profit, non-political organization which is completely youth-based, youth-monitored and youth-managed in order to channelize the energy of the Pakistani youth towards a positive direction attracting plethora of youth volunteers from all social classes, genders proving it to be a massive success.

As a path breaking social organization Pakistan Youth Alliance (PYA) aims to:-

  1. Unite the youth of Pakistan and provide them with equal opportunities of self-development irrespective of their caste, creed, culture, religion to accomplish the tangible objectives of positivity for the betterment of the Pakistani society as a whole.
  2. Fight ruthlessly against the growing tentacles of extremism which are luring innocent, uneducated youth into darkness by conducting seminars, awareness programmes, and decision-making workshops.
  3. Provide a neutral platform to the youth where they can unequivocally lodge their protest against the social injustices, exploitations and social maladies which are vitiating the Pakistani society
  4. Prepare a disaster management force involving the youth which will engage themselves in constructive health activities, relief activities and saviour activities during times of natural calamities like earthquake, flood.
  5. Involving the youth in garnering support through fund raising activities to help the victims of natural disasters and social apathy.
  6. Planting the seeds of Peace with regard to Pakistan’s neighbouring countries especially India by conducting seminars, cultural exchanges among the youth of both the nation, promotion of unconventional mediums like musical concerts, art exhibitions, panel discussions, constructive debates in order to curtail deep rooted differences among the youth of both India & Pakistan

The reason behind their massive popularity and them being a smashing hit among the Pakistani youth and the Civil Society is their “Fear No One” attitude which is superbly reflected through the gallant projects undertaken by them like conducting street theatres right at the heartland of Taliban Insurgency in SWAT valley in order to aware the local population of the ominous dangers of falling into the trap of Taliban false promises and continuing it even after receiving FATWAs from the extremists.

Or for that matter of fact, the Pakistani youth from the tribal agencies imbibing the values of peace from one on one interactive session with Pakistani Youth Alliance volunteers during their visit in the restive tribal belt to stop the innocent tribal youth from following the vicious path of the Taliban and fall in the quagmire of bloodshed.

The heart touching showing of solidarity by Pakistan Youth Alliance to the families of slain Punjab Governer Salman Taseer and slain Pakistan Minorities Minister Shahid Bhatti through peaceful protest marches was exemplary to say the least reflecting the gusto and the determination they bore to root out extremism without any partisan attitude.

The contribution of Pakistani Youth Alliance volunteers during the mammoth flood in the Sindh , Baluchistan area has been exemplary, where they have delivered quilts, mattresses, ration packets, medicines, arrangement of mobile health centers to curb the spread of viruses and decrease the realistic possibility of an epidemic.

Their conduction of a parade during Pakistan’s independence day in Lahore which also involved messages of peace from the kids involved in that event and volunteers of PYA through wishing India a ‘Happy Independence Day’ after the clock touched 12 a.m. midnight was captivating and a cut above the rest of the initiative.

So, peace crusaders like Syed Ali Abbas Zaidi and his organization are trying their optimum best to project their country in good light by eradicating the social evils of their society and striking a strong cordial relation with India which only involves peace ,brotherhood, bonhomie rather than the usual bottlenecks of mistrust. So let us acknowledge these good Samaritans which are making a difference regarding Indo-Pak Peace and trying their utmost to make this society, this region a hub of peace.

So let Peace be the bride around which India and Pakistan dance!