What”s with Desktops, Laptops, Netbooks and Tablets?

Posted on March 15, 2012 in Sci-Tech

By Udit Garg:

I have seen people around me applauding their personal computing gaming machines, business work-computing machines and just computing machines. In this article of YKA, let’s talk about each and every type of computing machine one by one, for the sake of the technologically-confused reader:

Desktop is a computing machine which is not portable — it can be a PC (Personal Computer) with a tower CPU, or an all-in-one. If it’s not a mini-ATX (Advanced Technology eXtended) and HTPC (Home Theatre PC), it can be upgraded completely, including the Processing Unit, Random Access Memory, Graphic Processing Unit, the Motherboard, Networking Card and even the Sound Card. Practically all brands like Dell, Lenovo, HP, Acer etc. have a wide range of Desktop PC’s in the market; ranging from anything Rs. 15K to 100K, or one can just assemble a new desktop through any computer shop according to his/her own needs.

A laptop is a portable computing machine, though in features no less than a desktop, and is available at an equally competitive price. Not all, but many parts like CPU, GPU, and RAM etc. can be upgraded but there might be over-heating issues, which makes sitting with the laptop on the legs inconvenient. More the features, more bulky will the laptop be; and more difficult will it be to carry it. Brands like HP, Dell, Acer, Asus, Lenovo etc. manufacture and sell thousands of units every day. Avery good option for students and professionals on the move though might not be a great option (including Alien ware) for gaming enthusiasts.

A netbook is a baby of the laptop! Small in size, 11” screen (maximum), 2GB ram (maximum), good portability, though has no CD/DVD Burner, a poor GPU (Graphics Processing Unit), Atom Processors, which, mind you, are slow, non-multi-tasking and good for internet, e-book reading, simple programming using Microsoft Office etc. — in short, basic but effective. Costs range anywhere from 10K to 30K. Works great for school students, and college students of certain subject courses. Non-upgradable.

The Tablet is the baap of mobile phones! They usually have all the features of mobile phones like Calling, Messaging, Internet, Wi-Fi, Camera, Bluetooth and Music Player, and in addition to these features, have a large screen, better CPU and GPU. Non-upgradable. Runs on Android, Windows, Linux etc. Features cloud memory. An alternative of sorts for the Netbook.

Note for all compulsive gamers: If you are an extreme gamer and wish to buy a laptop, I would suggest you to reconsider because real laptop gaming machines are Alien Ware, and while they’re expensive, if cost doesn’t matter to you, then it’d be the best option for you. Its weight will be range from 1.5Kg (M11X) to 4.5Kg (M18X), and will cost anywhere from 50K to 125K. An alternative is an assembled desktop with the best of everything, which will cost around 70K to 100K, though be sure to buy at least a 21” screen.

If you are an office-going type and/or traveller, any mid-range laptop would be fine and if you aren’t much of a traveller, then any desktop from Rs. 25K to 35K will be perfectly fine. If you’re a student and need a basic computing machine, you can have a low-range laptop, Netbook or a mid-range windows or Linux tablet.

Verdict: There are options for everybody in market but do a good research before buying, because at first it might look like a good idea to buy a device that seems to fulfil all of one’s needs, but one must take into account the prospect of the onset of new technologies, and it would be best to buy a device keeping in mind how it would meet your future needs, if they ever arise, and how compatible and feasible it would be to upgrade it to adjust to newer technologies.