Where And Why Our Education System Lags Behind The Top Notch Universities

Posted on March 15, 2012 in Education

By Udit Garg:

History has stated that Indian Education System was popular worldwide. Students from England, Japan, and China etc. used to come to Indian University like Nalanda University. But is it the case in present? Usnews.com publishes world rankings every year indicating best colleges and universities around the world. I took the time to go through it and the result was somewhat expected.

Indian top engineering institutes (only IIT’s) are in the list but are scattered in list like seeds in a plum! The top IIT comprises a very low ranking in top 100. The rankings are full of Universities and Colleges from United States, United Kingdom, Singapore, Japan, Germany etc. I thought a lot that why it is there are very few Indian Colleges and that too at very lower ranks. What’s the difference between Education System of India and United States?

I being a prospective student of International Studies for my Undergraduate Education went through some of my brochures of Universities from United States and Singapore and the difference was very minute. The difference is not theory, laboratory, faculty, assignments, thesis but real-time practical approach. An Indian Mechanical Student is given projects occasionally in which he can think and innovate and rest of time he needs to be in front of text books while an US Mechanical Student, he is taught in laboratory only, he is asked to do whatever he wants to do every day. This feature gives them an edge over everyone.

Human mind learns the best when it sees, hear, and experience it first-hand. US has developed an education system which is target oriented and not regional oriented i.e. the students from US can excel in their field even if they are sitting in Dubai or Egypt while Indian students are trained to satisfy domestic needs. Their coursework is not global, pretty much out dated and teaching methods are still evolving.

I am an Indian, though I don’t like India for various reasons but it is not it cannot be the best. India is the only country that has potential to be the best but is deteriorating only. Guys if get a chance please travel to Singapore and walk, don’t buy a taxi on your journeys. You’ll feel the same way like I do. You’ll start criticizing India. The problem with India is only moral. The Immoral ones make the moral problem commercial. They evolve their mental problems into greed for money and one knows that in any system while it may be India or its education system, if money-greedy people will start driving the system, it will deteriorate the condition only.

In Indian Education System also, same has happened!

Image courtesy: http://penelopegan.com/photoblog/2010/02/addressing-indias-school-dropouts/