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Youth on the Roads: Customized Vehicles and Blaring Music

Posted on March 9, 2012 in Specials

By Udit Garg:

Few days ago I was just roaming around in my locality with my friend and while moving, a car came from behind, it was a Honda Civic and the person inside had tuned some Honey Singh song at a really high volume. It did sound like the car has got some real good speakers and a bass tube in trunk! But, it was so irritating that all the people on the road had to actually shut their ears off with fingers. I had a fair amount of time to look at the car. It was a white Honda Civic with blue high intensity lamps. In the grill he had strips of LEDs which looked like crap, new alloys, spoiler in the rear, new LED tail lights, over all, the car looked like crap. Now the question arises that why on earth person had to customize his car? I think Honda Civic for instance is a great car with real good looks. So, Why? Of course when a person is sitting inside, he can’t see his car from outside and applaud it. Also given the fact how difficult it is to drive with such a high. The answer is simple; the person wants to attract attention. Is this trend appropriate for today’s youth?

I am a driving enthusiast myself. I think if one really wants to have fun while driving and one wants to spend money on his or her car, rather go to a customizing shop and spend that money on vehicle components like a new engine, turbo, super chargers, direct fuel injection system or decent features like navigation systems, GPS tracking devices etc. and then just go out to any good highway and have fun with a smooth ride.

Trust me if one is rich or let’s just say one wants to spend some money and wants attention, rather spending money on sub woofers and bass tubes, take your friends for a hangout anywhere you want to. You will be appreciated more for a good wholesome treat rather being than cursed for noise pollution.

All those who enjoy the blaring music from their car, imagine one day you come back home really tired and want to relax or say sleep, but your neighbour is a party liaison and turns on high music. How would you feel? Of course, you will feel really irritated and would want to hit that neighbour. But tell you what, that’s exactly how others feel when you are driving on the roads with high volume and irritating glowing LED’s.

Youth should be more sensible as they are the future. So my humble advice is understand the fact that as cool as high volume and glowing lights might be, people outside are really disgusted by them.