5 Reasons Why I would Rather Use Facebook Than Crib About It

Posted on April 22, 2012 in Sci-Tech

By Pooja Solanki:

Facebook- this one word makes you go gaga and you just could not control this irresistible guilt. This fad is not only among the youngsters but is seen in every possible age group. Not only this, even professionals and big companies are a part of this large community for their own reasons. Let’s take a dig into a few reasons of getting one hooked into this ‘bizarre syndrome’.

1. Networking:

The best reason provided for Facebook addiction has to be networking. Sitting in one corner of the world you can communicate with the people in the other parts of the world. One could share his/her information and can access other’s data and establish communication by a mere ‘friend request.’ The latest addition by Facebook is the ‘Subscribe’ option wherein one can access updates of other people. This is specially used by the common audiences who wish to have sneak-peek in to their favourite celebrities, politicians, authors, etc.’s lives. Update your profile picture, status update and your friends know what is happening in your world. It has become the epitome to socialize in today’s world. Lastly, your grandma is on Facebook, it is time you make an account too.

2. Keep in touch:

The present day competition and hectic schedules exhaust us so much that we could hardly find time for our beloved ones. It gets worse for the old friends, contacting whom is bit difficult. Facebook does the right thing for them. Add them in your account and spending a little time on Facebook can let you know about their recent move! Let us be honest, you know it is your classmate’s birthday because of Facebook. Don’t believe me? Change your birth date and see everyone wish you.

3. It’s all about money:

Facebook has become a large platform for minting money. The business firms, small scale industries and local retailers and shopkeepers can advertise their products and services through such social networking sites and attract buyers. This can be a successful business mantra and would prove rewarding for one’s business in the long run. Large firms too have their pages on Facebook. Nowhere else such a large audience can be found at one place. Those little ventures where plethora of clothes, accessories et al are sold have become popular only because of Facebook. You do not need brains to run a business, just Facebook.

4. United we stand:

Groups and Pages- a very much integral part of Facebook has brought communities together. Various organizations and institutions can connect to their employees and students and lead to fruitful communication, discussion about various topics and argument if required. This also helps to notify about the recent happenings in an organization/institution and keep the employees/students updated from time to time. Alumni meets, patriotic feel with one’s Alma Mater are all re-ignited because of Facebook.

5. Work comes first:

Nowadays, even professionals are involving themselves in these social networking sites as they are slowly turning into a hub of information. You can get your work done and get well-versed of current affairs, latest technology, investment schemes etc. Such sites come really handy to the people from media as they can publicize their works of creation and retrieve information about any particular incident or event. Half of us know what is going on in the world because some news savvy people update their status as soon as the news hits the stands. And how can we forget the ‘awareness’ campaigns.

Instead of ranting each day and everyday about how adversely Facebook affects us, we should open our eyes to why we love it so much and can’t seem to ever leave it (that jittery feeling when we do not check our Facebook of a week). It doesn’t matter if Facebook is a cool place for interaction or is an undying addiction but agree or not, it is the most incredible and exceptional innovation since the invention of the wheel!