6 Ways I Would Reform IIT-JEE: How Would You?

Posted on April 16, 2012 in Education

By Udayan Banerjee:

Lately, there has been much debate regarding the reform of the entrance into the coveted IITs and numerous proposals have been made. If you are unaware of the proposals, you can google about them. The good thing is that the general public can share their views with the IIT Senate by mailing them at reformjee@gmail.com.

Below are my views:

1. The combined examination should only be for IITs, IT-BHU, ISMU and top 10 NITs. The ‘Top 10’ to be decided on the basis of prior rankings by a designated committee.For other Government engineering colleges there should be a different exam. The difficulty level of the combined one should be higher than the other one to prevent the dilution of brand.

2. Separate rank lists for each of Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics along with the common merit list and counseling on the basis these respective lists for admission into pure science and applied-science branches. For example using the Physics rank list for admission into Applied Physics (Engg. Physics) and MSc. Physics courses and so on. I propose this on the basis of my observation and experience that many students who did exceptionally well in one of the three subjects are often interested to pursue the applied or pure science stream but do not get it because of their low overall rank and often fall into streams they do not relate with resulting in poor academic performance during the college and hampered mental decorum.

3. Interviews of the written-clearing candidates with 15-20% weight-age to the interview score. The interviews could be conducted by each zone for its students. This would enable to have a closer look on a candidate’s background, personality, attitude, interests and mentality. It is important here to recognize that the interview would be unlike that of the IIMs, rather they would just have a closer look at the person.

4. English should not be asked in the JEE as many students appear via the Hindi medium. Instead, a course on English could be made mandatory during the graduation. This would also enable personality development of the students throughout the graduation.

5. Inclusion of other subjects studied in school like social sciences etc. is absurd. In fact, the interview could serve the purpose of looking into the general awareness of the candidates, but too much stress should not be put on this aspect.

6. Instead of weight-age to the XII board percentages, a project on Physics, Chemistry or Mathematics ( subject to be chosen by the students) should be made mandatory to every student of class XI and XII. One project each in XI and XII. The interview process should in fact revolve around these projects. The interview concept could also be extended to the NITs and other govt. colleges.

These are my suggestions. Which ones do you have?