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A Glimpse At The Google Glass Project

Posted on April 6, 2012 in Sci-Tech

By Rohit Gupta:

Once upon a time, Google used to be just a simple and sweet search engine. Now it is a force to be reckoned with in the internet-based services and products. Everyone knows Google. It is truly ubiquitous, and no surprise ‘Google’ is a verb today. But very few people know about Google X Lab, a secret facility which works on a series of futuristic projects (such as a Self driving Car). Now, one of its projects is finally in the public domain after much speculation. The Google Glass project has finally got itself an official video teaser. This teaser demonstrates how world would be after putting on the ‘Google Glasses’.

Head-mounted Displays (HMD) are not a new concept after all, but it has got much attention due to some serious backing from Google. The designs are not final yet, yet the company has released some tentative designs on its official Google Plus page which are currently under testing.

Stated in simple terms, this is a visionary technology which aims at the display of information currently available to Smartphone users, including the access to Internet via natural language commands (Siri!). And, the software powering the glasses would be Google’s Android operating system. Android is not just for cellular phones and tablets after all!

The teaser gives a clue about how Google is planning to overlay information in front of the users, quite literally! This information can be anything from text messages, map directions, calendar reminders, or even the entire video chats. But it is still far from mass-production, it is in the testing stage as of now.

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