COMMENT: Obama’s Fate in Forthcoming U.S Elections

Posted on April 19, 2012 in GlobeScope

contributed by Leons Thomas

Three years back US got its first black president in Barack Obama.The world celebrated his victory and hailed him as an iconic personality who would take US to greater heights.But sadly, keeping the current scenario in mind he will go down in history as a colossal failure who very nearly presided over the demise of the United States and Western civilization.He is destined to become one term president because his actions on the domestic front are fundamentally at odds with American history, values, politics and the Constitution and have diminished the lives of ordinary Americans.Anyways two years is not enough time to undo the damage, especially since no one takes him seriously anymore.

The ruinous economy to the massive and growing debt to increased terorist attacks on the American homeland to Afghanistan, Iran, the Middle East, the Far East and international relations in general to his prevarications, omissions and extravagances there are failures of competence and character everywhere, with every indication that things will get worse not better.His term has a list of failed attempts than a series of success.Whatever the conditions may be,at the end a leaders productive work counts and the citizens decide the real fate.