Dr. Manmohan Singh’s Speeches: The Grand Promises Unlikely to be Fulfilled

Posted on April 18, 2012 in Politics

By Anavil Jaiswal:

The advent of the year 1947 acted as the harbinger of India’s independence. A sea change had taken place in the past years, though much still awaited to be. With brimming confidence and hyperbolic hopes, the independent Indians embarked upon a journey of development, growth and change. The constitution came into being and India wore the cloak of democracy. The government comprised of numerous ministers, which proved to be illogical as they didn’t, (not couldn’t) perform what they were ought to. The political parties endeavoured to be victorious, revealing their avarice and the fore deals of being the ruling one.

It is an observation that ministers in India try to provide hope to the common man. By 2020, in the next seven years, next time, etc. are among the sundry phrases adorning the beginning of their statements. How futuristic! They also incarnate a belief that everything will be well, not today, however in future. Recently, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh out spoke assuring that he and his government will surmount the existing challenges in the country, that too with “great determination.” It is quite evident how determined he is in his addressals, that even the deaf feels enthused. Why do some people find it to be lackadaisical? The determination of his government cannot be doubted with the glorious scams in the picture, how determinately they were accomplished. Laudable enough!

He also remarked that life is worthless without any difficulties. Did he mean that to add worth to the life, obstacles, issues and woes be deliberately created? Even I don’t feel my life to be worthy enough, I plan to jump off a high building one day. Always, a mere lip service is paid to the pathetic situation of the nation, while trying to appease the suffering hearts. The PM also commented that the panellists threw a new light on the old issues. Was the old light not enough to clean the mud, or will we keep on illuminating the potholes with resplendent beams of light, instead of mending them?

If we will keep on doing what we have kept on, we will also keep on getting what we have kept on. The pressing need is not the enactment of new rules; the existing strategies should be religiously implemented. Whatever action is on the paper, should find itself taking place with utmost honesty, eradicating the insipience, displaying intelligible sagacity in the decisions. The plans should be traversed from the virtual to the real world. To transmogrify the present look of India; action not only should, but will have to speak louder than words.