Empty Thy Wallet: 5 Ways to Spend Your Stipend

Posted on April 21, 2012 in Specials

By Neelima Ravindran:

From ‘learners’ to ‘earners’ is a stupendous leap and for most young students the first taste of the rewards of their sweat ensues during the many summer internships in vogue now. The stipend, whatever the amount, gives them a sense of confidence to experience the world head on. So, how do you empty the fat wallet and go back to being the broke student that you were? Here are 5 suggestions:

1. Stay connected: Let your heart swell with pride and your spirits soar as you hold the just-out beauty in your hand. That mobile phone you have been dreaming for quite some time is now within your reach. As for the stern looks from parents, don’t forget, there is an app for everything!

2. Oasis of tranquillity: Summer is not eternal, another few weeks and it’s back to campus time. Before that burden of studies enslaves your body and brains how about a few calming spa sessions or a rejuvenation therapy. Splurge on yourself as you get ready for another year of gruelling toil.

3. Happy Belly: Oh! The many times your tummy has rumbled and mouth watered as you looked longingly at that exotic restaurants, only to go back and have the bland hostel food. Not any more, go for the best and biggest eateries in the city and let your tummy make merry. But don’t forget to save a little to invest in the nearby gym soon after.

4. Ride the good times: A weekend of sun, fun and frolic as you wade in the sandy beaches or enjoy a sip of tea up in the picturesque hills. To just laze around in the pool or to catch a view, heaven beckons you and what better way to spend the bucks.

5. Emotionally yours: The best, the traditional first income funda – spend on your family, your loved ones; a gesture straight from the heart that they will never forget and you will never regret.

Or be wise, heed to your parents and head over to the nearest bank.