Every Being is Beautiful

Posted on April 2, 2012 in Specials

By Raviraj Anchan:

Most of us, in some way or the other and to some extent, have a tendency to be self-critical. We hurt ourselves for not being able to do, think, or act in a certain way. A way which is not pleasing to us, but is in accordance to others; a way which is not making us happy and content at all.

Right from childhood, we have been taught to do or not to do things which were felt good or bad by our parents. After a certain age of conditioning, we, however, forget our true nature and start living our lives mechanically. We somewhere lose our inner beauty and our unique natural abilities. We under-sell ourselves, stay invisible, hide from expressing our true selves, and stop dreaming as we think we do not deserve the best in life. Our minds accept unhappiness and struggle as a part of our daily lives. We strive hard for climbing the exhaustive ladder of success, but once we reach at the top of the success ladder we do not get to see any kind of fulfilment anywhere. This is not what we want from our lives.

Let us now sow a new seed of change in our lives, and let’s breathe in this new feeling of self-appreciation and self-worth in our consciousness. We could only start understanding our true selves and our true beauty once we completely stop judging and criticizing ourselves. We have to accept ourselves as the way we are and not try to stretch beyond our limits or any unrealistic limits set by others. People strive hard for perfection in doing things which they do not like doing. This is not required. The universe has already created every being in a unique and a perfect way. So let’s, start seeking moments which we love to have and start doing things which we really love to do.

We already are doing the best at every moment, with the best possible knowledge we have. So, let’s promise ourselves today to stop killing our lives with all kinds of negative thoughts with which we feed our minds. Let’s contemplate on the thought of self-love; by doing this, we can rise above all kinds of problems which we face in our lives today. Let’s touch are hearts and start recognizing the beauty of our true souls. Once we start doing this, then every moment will be like an “AHA!” moment and from there on, we would start rejoicing in bliss. Worldly concerns would hardly matter, as we would be happy in every situation. The real beauty in every being could not come from outside, but the journey for attaining unlimited happiness starts from looking deep within. Every human being is thus having the beauty within him to make this positive change possible in his own world.