Five Reasons to be on Twitter

Posted on April 5, 2012 in Specials

By Agnivo Niyogi:

6 years into its existence, the micro blogging giant has become a quintessential part of the social media profile of all and sundry. One cannot afford to be a fence sitter and take a cynical stand on the efficacy of this platform. One of the main reasons many people steer clear of Twitter is their lack of understanding how the system works in the Twittersphere and what benefits they can draw out of it. So, for those who are lost in the social chatter, a small guide to why Twitter is THE platform to be on would come in handy.

1. Know Your Network
Twitter is the best place to build your network based on your interests. The diverse range of topics that people talk about on this site, can easily throw up a handsome number of users you can relate to. The first phase of brand building starts with identifying your audience. There is no better option other than tweeting to achieve that. Be it a small business owner, a mass leader, a corporate giant or even just another average guy — making the right set of connections on the platform can pave the road to your success.

2. Information discourse
Twitter can give the world’s largest library a run for its money, for the sheer amount of information that floats on the wires. Knowledge dissemination is an integral part of Twitter. One who can make the best of it, can end up smiling in the race of life. Twitter is the best place to engage your network, share information and emerge as a more informed person.

3. If you got it, flaunt it – Socially
For businesses, as well as individuals promoting a cause, Twitter can serve as a great avenue for marketing. A site which heavily relies on viral sharing, running short-term campaigns can always bear fruit. A perfect example for the same would be the various blood aid handles that keep posting updates regarding queries for blood requirements at hospitals. The alacrity with which twitter users acted during 2011 Mumbai Blast and used the platform to help a city in distress is etched in the echelons of history.

4. Twitter at your Service
The real time feature of this medium sets it apart from other social networking sites. Feedbacks posted by customers can be tracked and attended to at flicker of a second, using Twitter. All major brands have a customer service team dedicated solely to attend queries coming from social channels like Twitter. Gone are the days when we would have to keep waiting for our turn at customer care centres, the service now is just a click away.

5. Stay Ahead of Times
News breaks on Twitter. From an earthquake in a far-flung area of the country, to Tsunami in Japan — real time updates — from the horse’s mouth, gives Twitter an edge over any media house. If you follow the right set of people, your Twitter stream can suffice for the need of your daily morning newspaper or the prime time studio debates on channels.
So what are you waiting for? Take the plunge, or wait forever for the boat to ferry you to the other side of the river.