How Social Networking Benefited Me

Posted on April 2, 2012 in Specials

By Udit Garg:

Facebook, Twitter, Hi5, and Orkut — right now I can’t think of any other social networking site. I joined Orkut years ago via Gmail; the purpose was to say to my friends — “Hey! I’m on Orkut.” Soon, the purpose shifted to playing games, and then I finally deleted the Orkut account as no one was there at Orkut anymore.

Then facebook was the new identity of everyone. Of course I joined it in the first place, again, to regularly update my status. Soon, games like Hold ‘em Poker, Cityville and Mafia Wars were my life! I started playing them night and day, running to advance in rank, but there were others too, with money involved. Now, I am completely bored of it but can’t do anything. One brushes his/her teeth every day; and similarly, checking Facebook also became a daily activity in my life. You may ask, though, Why did I continue to visit facebook even after being bored of it. To that — I tell you: I learned from the website! I used it for expanding my knowledge.

I used Facebook for information on different colleges, universities, cars, interviews, application deadlines, etc. I got everything I wanted just on my browser’s home screen! The use of social networking sites is totally dependent on the user. Apart from just playing online games, or commenting on status updates of others unnecessarily, one can also use such sites for educational and productive benefits.

It is my last year in school, and I worry that my friends will be far apart and that there will probably be little or no contact. With Facebook I have made a community, added all the necessary friends and now we are connected through a central hub in where we share everything we want to share, things which can’t be disclosed on the news feed of others. Even when we’ll be all gone to different corners of world, through the medium called social networking, We, the social animals, will be together forever!

Thus, social networking may be destructive in many cases, but its advantages outweighs all else for me.