A Look Into the Indian Developmental Strategy

Posted on April 3, 2012 in Specials

By Ashutosh Kumar:

In the past decades India has been facing high statistics of starvation, unemployment, corruption and other social ills and the scenario does not seem to get better with the passage of time. A country to transform into a developed country needs five basic areas to be strong enough to achieve its goal.

Natural resources: India has very good reserves of several natural resources but is poor in oil resources and is currently heavily dependent on coal and foreign oil imports for its energy needs. As India has no command on its population and nothing is working out to rectify the same, these resources will not be there in some years.

Agriculture and food processing: Target for 2020 is to double the present production of food and agricultural product. Bu the problem is that the target is only for the products produced by the farmers, there is nothing planned for the farmer himself. More than 17,500 farmers killed themselves from 2002 to 2006. NCRB also stated that there were at least 16,196 farmers’ suicides in India in 2008. No one knows what will be the toll in 2020.

Infrastructure and electric power: In this area conditions in India are still a little bit acceptable. Infrastructure is not as developed as compared to other country but in electric power area India finally entered the nuclear club in 2000, and sanctions against it were lifted. By 2020, Indian companies may just be major exporters of nuclear equipment.

Education and health care: A lots of efforts were taken but the result is not satisfactory in the education sector. The result of the poor education system, which lacks in motivating children to study, is child labour, which you can see at every nook and corner of the country. In health sector the results are very well, only for the ones who can afford it. The poor continue to battle with illnesses themselves as there are simply not enough beds in the government hospitals.

Information and communication technology: Though you could say that the IT sector is growing leaps and bounds in certain hubs in the country, there are still blotches that mark its progress. I don’t know a single person who doesn’t know about the 2G scam. Of course this is not a part of growth of information and communication technology in India but that money will definitely count for this sector.

By seeing all these things, who will be able to say that India will be developed in 2020? I ask a poor person, who is struggling for one meal a day, what does he mean about a developed country? Of course it means having enough food and to get a job at any cost. A daily basis worker who doesn’t even know that for whom he is working for, what can he tell you about a developed country?

Everyone knows that “I” comes before “we”, i.e., if we cannot fulfil our needs how can we think about the others and how can we think about the country? A country will be developed only when all the people of India will be able to fulfil at least their basic needs. All those people who are working for themselves will realise that indirectly they are also working for the country. They will have to make themselves capable enough to earn a living and maintain a healthy lifestyle, that way they are also working towards ridding the country of the ills that it currently suffers from.