Leveling Of Indo-Pak Ties- Peace Management [Part 2]

Posted on April 16, 2012 in Politics

By Anannya Roy Chowdhury:

Back at the PM’s residence; the apprécier d’un coup d’Å“il (Précis) of the meeting:

There were many things that apart from the obvious sweet n’ sour relation that the countries share, came up substantially. Even before the private visit was planned, Zardari faced a lot of disdain by the Pakistani opposition and general public. Right after coming to power in 2008, after having defeated the hugely popular Ex-military head, Mr. Pervez Musharraf, Zardari had to deal with a tumultuous political scenario. As quoted time and again by analysts, Singh and Zardari met in India at a time when both were at the crossroads of their political careers and were allegedly accused by the public in their respective countries.

In the light of such shaky happenings, this visit remained in the hot zone of all media coverage not only in India and Pakistan but became front page news for the entire world. Terrorism, which is ironically a strong connecting link between India, Pakistan and western world powers such the United States, was thought to be the main topic of discussion that flowed between Singh and Zardari. However, seeing the dwindling diplomacies it was decided for the good of the nations that any curt comments on the Hafiz Md. Saeed issue or the Kashmir dispute would not be made by India or Pakistan respectively.

Bites from the main course:

The main agendas of the one-on-one meeting that took place without any note-takers covered all important topics of concern for the two countries without any baiting comments or big media hush-hush situations.

Some of the key points that were addressed are as below:

1. Topic one on the list was the possible visit by PM Singh that would concrete in the growing political dialogue and peace-ties between the nations. At the end of the meeting, as declared by Mathai, it was let out that in the coming November, there are high chances of the Pakistani entourage. Later in the press conference Dr. Singh also mentioned his likings to visit his ancestral home in Gah in the Chakwal district.

2. Topic two that was talked on and found a satisfactory solution was that of the Sir Creek Maritime boundary dispute that was long struck in the pipe!

3. It was also proposed by the heads that political prisoners from both sides would be released and the volume of army troops in the Siachen region would be reduced. This was important from the point that a day before this tour, hundreds of Pakistani troops got caught in an unfortunate avalanche that took place. India has offered to help promisingly in the rescue mission.

4. To strengthen the otherwise insignificant economic bonds, plans to open more traditional trade routes and the liberalization on the Visa policies of the nations has also been on the papers.

To father…to son!

The star studded visit by the father-son duo was in the limelight for more than one reason. Along with the much awaited conversation that worked as an ice-breaker for the otherwise tense Indo-Pak relations after the Mumbai 26/11 attacks, it also marked the beginning of a stream of political happenings between the next generations of leaders. On the list of invitees to the luncheon was the dynamic and equally debated youth leader Rahul Gandhi who was expected to build confidence with Bilawal Bhutto Zardari. The latter was hailed in high spirits by the entire nation and even by the highly sceptic South Block for the truckloads of charm he possessed which was a direct inheritance from the family of Bhutto’s with the likings of mother Benazir and grand-dad, Zulfikar Ali Bhutto.

@BBhuttoZardari tweets about his stay in India:

The 24 year old PPP chairman, an Oxford Graduate and the absolute charmer in the delegates, Bilawal made sure that he tweeted away his presence in India. This was a big lead on to suggest that western technology was one important bridge between youngsters in all nations. Some of the most ReTweeted messages by Bilawal were:

“AOA India Peace be with you. I have just landed in Delhi. 1st ever visit. So spiritual and peaceful.”
– “Prez n I enjoyed Lunch with Rahul Gandhi and PM Singh. Lovely meal. Much to learn from each other.”
– “Just visited Ajmer”

These were the three most important tweets during his 6 hour stay in the country that let the world know about what the young chap felt. Just as Father Zardari was hailed for his superior extravagance (at least by some people), son Zardari showed the world what it was to be a responsible politician and an informed youth!

Image courtesy: http://gulfnews.com/news/world/india/media-plays-up-possibilities-presented-by-zardari-s-visit-1.1006406