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Living In A City That Lives Within

Posted on April 13, 2012 in Society

By Tanaya Singh:

It was 7:00 am,
A time when the utopian world is new,
bathed, combed, perfumed and dressed up for the day.
At a time when night’s smoke is far of the chimney,
and the beginning awaits its start,
I moved out in search of freshness that “ought” to be there…somewhere.

At the speed of a hundred jolts per second,

I crossed a traffic signal, took a left…
and instantly became a midget between two looming trucks,
probably trying to say good morning with a gush of smoke and dust.
While an innocent white chiffon tried to scarf my hair…
and protect my face,
I looked up with furrowed brows and squinted eyes.

It was 7:00 am, and there sat the sun,
visible in pieces behind the blocks of an unfinished tower
ignored, slit, and polluted…in the days weakest glow,

it was at that hour of the morning,
when all noise blurred, all colours faded…
and I found myself in my hometown.
With a slight lift of the neck, I could see the sun
“unblocked and unsliced”….from wherever I wished.
It was in that second of a new morning, when I realised; the search won’t be over,
till the bars were removed, the dust vacuumed and the smoke released,
by one’s own self, not from the outside…but from within.