Mission Clean Capital Complex: Student Dynamism In Itanagar

Posted on April 8, 2012 in Specials

By Pinak Pani Datta:

Ruma Nguri is just another engineering student of North Eastern Regional Institute of Science and Technology. But today she is organizing a ‘Clean Capital Complex’ in Itanagar. She realized a daily crisis which we ignore generally because it is apparently government’s job to keep us satisfied.

Ruma observes, “I was walking along with my friends; I stopped by to buy some ice-cream. We were chatting and eating. The ice-cream container, the stick etc… I did not feel like throwing it on the street but then I was left with no option as I can’t put it into my bag or carry it all along, so I had to deposit it on the road because there was no dustbin in my vicinity I threw it down with a guilt feeling and decided that something should be done about it.”

On 28th January, she had no plan, no support; but she desperately wanted to do something for the community she is was a part of.

Ruma approached the NERIST Arunachal Pradesh Students’ Association and asked for support. She said, “Government has lot many big issues to take care of, at least some things can be done by us (students).”

The NAPSA family responded positively and almost immediately and they made a plan along with Ruma. They decided to recycle used steel cans as dustbins in and around the capital complex of Itanagar, Naharlagun and Nirjuli. They collected all the mustard oil cans available in the hostel mess or nearby grocery shops and painted them green. Ruma says it’s an ‘awesome’ way of recycling and believes that it will send a noble message to the government as cleanliness has always been an issue in the capital complex of Arunachal Pradesh.

Yesterday, on 7th April, 2012, early morning at 7 AM they scheduled to execute the plan. They came to the streets and tied a green dustbin on every electric post in and around Itanagar. Students and faculty members of NERIST led by the NAPSA took part in the event. This might not be the biggest change, but it is a small change that I am sure is going to pave way for the bigger ones.