Norwegian Murderer: Calculative Criminal or Psycho Killer?

Posted on April 20, 2012 in GlobeScope

By Mmrityunjay Nanda:

Is Justice still blindly steered by endorsed restrictions, dumb evidences, and spiteful manipulators and eventually by some deceitful solicitors?

The act of massacre was “goodness, not evil” and executed in order to “defend his country”. These are the vague words of Norway’s Anders Behring Breivik who blew up 77 people last year and still says he will repeat his unrepentant action says, “Yes, I would have done it again, because offences against my people…are many times as bad,” I was stunned when I got to know that this heinous act was nothing but just an intention to defend Norway ‘against multiculturalism and especially against Muslim invasion of Europe’.

Where the incident is keeping Norway lawmakers busy in exploring other possible terrorist connections with Breivik, the world around is twitting on racism between Christianity and Islam. In spite of his bankrupted company, Breivik managed to gather two million kroner ($369,556) and nine credit cards, giving him access to €26,000 in credit. And in 2009, without any declared income his assets amounted to 390,000 kroner ($72,063). I just wonder how he got his hands on so much cash without any significant resource. While going through, I was literally stuck by a cynical belief about his connections with terrorist organization or even local political leaders. Moreover he surrendered without any resistance when an armed police SWAT unit from Oslo arrived on the island and confronted him.

Why did not he try to escape?

It’s because he probably knew he would be enjoying the immunity with the luxury of three prison cells. One cell where he can rest, sleep and watch DVD movies or television, a second is set up for him to use a PC without Internet connection, and in a third cell there is gym equipment that he can use. Aha! What else could be a better from of treatment for committing such a terrible crime? And now I am really disappointed that they did not provide internet connection and a pub inside.

Breivik, who is a follower of al-Qaeda, and had named his car ‘Sleipnir’ after Odin’s horse, his Gloch pistol ‘Mjolnir’ after Thor’s hammer and his rifle as ‘Gungnir’, is an accused since 25th of July 2011 on charges of murder of eight people in a car bombing in Oslo and shooting 69 others on the island of Utoeya. He appears to be an interesting but malicious character with a matured mindset to me. It is just like another Hollywood movie plot where a villain smashed 77 lives and his lawyers are trying hard to paint the case as a psychiatric disorder. Act weird, behave puerile and throw some principles of fundamentalism before judges and there you are proved as a psycho-killer, ready to be treated with a soft heart and exempted from 21 years of imprisonment. Is this all what is going to happen with the mass killer, a sorry note and a psychiatric care?

It has been more than four days of trial in Oslo court but still no conclusion has been drawn. Where on one side the survivors and bereaved relatives are weeping hard for justice, there Breivik at the other side is deliberately playing his own witty game. One man is playing and others just being played. If you observe then you may find that all his statements are elusive enough, though sharply maintained. This is what is causing the delay to deduce whether Breivik is criminally sane and accountable for his actions or not. If Breivik will be proved to be a case of psychiatric disorder then he will be sent to hospital for treatment and no one will ever come to know when he will be discharged and people will forget another dreadful crime. On the contrary, if he is proved as a lucid criminal then an imprisonment maximum of 21 years will be doled out. I wonder, Is it real justice to the grieving families or a piece of solace?

At the end of the day, will the chilling testimony of the murderer be able to cover up sharp cries of pain of the mourners?