Of the Bihar Diwas in Mumbai, and the Nitish-Thackeray Tussle

Posted on April 16, 2012 in Politics

By Madhav Gupta:

On 15th of April 2012, the CM of Bihar Shri Nitish Kumar was the Chief Guest for the centenary celebration at the ‘Bihar Shatabdi Samaroh Utsav’, which was being organised at ‘Somaiya Ground’ in Mumbai, and more than 3 lakh Biharis had been expected to attend the event. A few days ago, the MNS chief Shri Raj Thackeray, who is known to hold a grudge against the immigrants from UP and Bihar, went on a tirade and dared the Bihar CM to attend the celebration, which he said he would disrupt and the authorities can arrest him for it if they wish. However, the matter finally got settled just by a mere phone call between the two. And what Mr Thackeray then said is, “Mr. Kumar is doing good work there. I had a word with him. I told him that I have no problems with a cultural programme. But I have always opposed and will continue opposing the political agenda of show of strength behind such programmes. He told me that there was no politics involved in the celebration and it will be only a cultural programme’’ Did he not know this before?

Raj Thackeray and Nitish Kumar are making fools of themselves!

Raj Thackeray, who has a bad name among the immigrants of the state, is well aware that the population of immigrants has been increasing and thus it is very likely that their large share of votes will go against him.

When a state has something of great importance, it’s celebrated in the state itself; and when it completes 100 years, its quite obvious that then the people would be celebrating the occasion in the capital or any important city of the state. So, when CM Nitish Kumar goes to the capital of another state saying that he has been invited by few businessmen and other big names who hail from Bihar but have been working in Mumbai, it does form a ludicrous picture. Basically, the CM is going to another state just for those few fellows and ignores the entire state! What do you think would happen Delhi was celebrating its 100 years in Chandigarh? Isn’t all this a joke? And doesn’t some kind of political motive seem to reside here?

Now, has Raj Thackeray become a cartoon character who fights on wrong grounds?

Raj Thackeray acts like a petulant child every time an immigrant of Bihar or UP origin does something good for himself (‘thanks’ to Maharashtrian land) he goes on to break their bones, and this leads to a non-support from the urban youth as the youth doesn’t believe in violence these days.

Thackeray fights to the point that it’s an insult for Mumbaikars. But how can it be an insult for Mumbaikars when it’s an insult for the residents of Bihar, that their CM goes to the capital of another state, when what is being celebrated is actually the state of Bihar!