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[Poem] How Our Country Bleeds!

Posted on April 11, 2012 in Society

By Aishwarya Sharma:

Blood dripping from the rafters
Body parts lying around
Sicken me to the core…

Our great ‘leaders’
Have pimped themselves out
Raped again and again
All they can do is shout…

Perhaps they have forgotten that day
The 13th of December
When they were the targets
Meant to be killed and dismembered…

The response back then was pretty swift
The army was marched out
But only a short while passed
And the toughness died out…

Give peace a chance, so said the world
Why don’t you guys give it a try
And lapdogs that they are
They fell over themselves, trying to pacify…

Bombay, the business capital
Soon to be denoted a terrorist haven
The Jihadis have nicknamed the city
‘Our’ personal pathway to heaven…

Shootouts took place, blasts occurred
Nobody gave a damn
Then there was that grand spectacle
The 3 day orgy of terror
The people were shaken up
Suffered from terrifying fits
But our dear ‘leaders’,
Nothing ruffles them, the spineless gits.

They said it is nothing
While bullets were whizzing around
The fearless commandos faced it all
And then laid down on the ground.

We failed the martyrs,
Yes you and I,
We have harboured and protected those
Who deserved to die.

It is all our fault
We chose them to lead
And for that, all we got was
A hundred petty wounds all left to bleed.

Let alone catching the terrorists
We cannot even punish the ones we have caught
A gentleman by the name of Ajmal kasab
Will testify to that thought…

He killed many innocents
And we watched in outrage
The vulture needed to be put down
Yet he laughs at us, from a gilded cage….

It all needs to stop now
We have all had enough
We need better leaders,
The ones made of sterner stuff.

Make an example of one
Strike the fear of god in them
So that they think at least a thousand times
Before causing bloody mayhem.

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