Pul-e-Jawan: Peace Effort Among India, Pakistan and Afghanistan through Citizen Networks

Posted on April 13, 2012 in Volunteerism

By Raju Moza:

South Asian history is replete with acrimony, hatred, war, belligerence, medieval intrigues and what not. If the efforts to depart from this History is not taken now, vicious cycle of our historical perspectives, will make future reflection of our past.To enable this peace, one has to move beyond established paradigms of nationalism and envisage future similar to that of European Union,where borders have become irrelevant. Is it possible, yes its very much possible either it can be done through TOP down approach, where charismatic leaders embark upon this mission or BOTTOM Up approach, where the citizens outcry for peace/ This Union is so profound that Leaders are forced to think on those lines.

In order to attain a Borderless world, the movement and mission has to be gradually build by the citizens rather waiting for Political leadership to take the initiative. First and foremost prerequisite is to have Peace in the region.Peace has been at abeyance in this region for quite some time, various initiatives at poltical level and at Citizen’s level were carried out to build the constituency of peace. Several initiatives like Aman ke Asha by two prominent newspaper ‘s of India and Pakistan were tried out to dispel the hatred between these two arch rivals.

Pul-e- Jawan is one such intiative which envisages to build a cooridor of Peace through Citizen Networks. Pul-e-Jawan is an initiative of Internews with country partners like Digital empowerment foundation (DEF),bytes for all in Pakistan and Internews in Afghanistan.

Pul and Jawan are two words which in Hindi, Dari and Urdu denote the same meaning, that is, bridge and youth respectively. These are among 3000 common words among the three languages.

The program had kick started last year from Kabul, where five active citizens each from the three countries where invited together to discuss issues related to the peace in region. The idea is to have three different forums within each country, which will promote constituency of peace.

Pakistan’s Pul-e-Jawan country forum, organized by Bytes for all,on 11th and 12th of April 12, 2012 got an overwhelming response,pointer to the yearning for peace amongst Young population.

In this regard a Citizen media event is being organized in India on 14th of April. It will bring Policy makers, citizen journalists,Journalists and other stake holders under one roof and discuss various ways and means which can be undertaken to develop peace in this region through Citizen networks.

WHEN – 9.00 Am to 5.00 Pm,14th of April, SATURDAY

WHERE – India International Centre (Annexe) 40, Max Mueller Marg, Near Lodi Road, New Delhi India

WHATPul-e-Jawan Citizen forum

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