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Reel To Real; Journey Of Social Change In Guise Of Filmmaking

Posted on April 9, 2012 in Alternative Careers

By Sakshi Gupta:

Films; from where people learn about “what’s in”, the new ways to be cooler, newest of the dance moves and much more are now not just limited to the boundary of Entertainment! Film making has now become a powerful weapon to influence people over the social changes. Be it Corruption, politics or the young generation thinking about its career, film making has touched every part of social lives of the viewers.

We have always heard of how films have had a great influence on the upcoming generations when it comes to their behavior, their “suddenly changed ways” and their looks! But the youth today has also responded to the films touching the strings of social issues in an equally vibrant manner. Be it the issue of reservation in jobs and education sector which was brought up by the movie ‘Aarakshan’ or be it problem that every student faces about his and his family’s choice of career in ‘Udaan’, every such movie has influenced the viewers and their thinking. The pondering over Lokpaal Bill brought up by Anna Hazare was even made deeper when Rumi Jaffery came up with ‘Gali Gali Chor hai’. How can we even forget the phenomena caused by Jason Russell’s viral video to expose Joseph Kony in ‘Kony2012’.

Films have a tendency to impact us so probably because through visual art, it becomes much easier to sympathize (maybe empathize). Hearing from someone’s mouth will make us use our own imagination which might be a hindrance to the truth. Watching a film can force us to face the hard hitting reality.

From a six year old child to a sixty year old man everybody takes back something or the other after leaving the cinema hall, if it’s a change in view point, then its truly commendable. It is the era when people support every action against any social issue. The technology has become the most important part of our lives; all of us love to go out for a movie with friends rather than any of the indoor fun! So film making is in a way helping to bring forward the issues that need to be looked in a different way, that need to be worked on or may even be uprooted in the way that people want. It has really helped to inform people about the existing evils in the way they want it.

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