Singhvi And His Chamber of Secrets: Of Sex Scam, Condom Usage and Lost Respect?

Posted on April 21, 2012 in Politics

By Twesh Mishra:

Disclaimer: All puns intended!

Falling from grace in the land of Kamasutra where octogenarian party members exhibit their proficiency while orchestrating orgies, Abhishek Manu Singhvi has allegedly hit an all time low. Settling with a humble ‘blow job’ session and a cheap excuse in the name of fornication, the veteran advocate is having a ‘hard time’ justifying his antics. If ‘analysing’ the somewhat scandalous video the term despicable is an appropriate term, no younger companions, no fancy lighting, no noises, not even a bed, I mean yes office porn is a rage but it needs to be coordinated properly.

Singhvi ji allegedly dominated the ‘proceedings in the house’ with a quick “lie down here” to the lady who seemed to rape the Honourable Chairman of the Parliamentary ‘Standing’ Committee on the Lok Pal bill. Amidst a vociferous background score Singhvi ji (allegedly) was quick to ‘get down’ to business and optimised the space in his chamber to violate the lady’s chamber. The near to 13 minutes of erotic caper for the father of two is largely ‘all crap and no fap’ with continuous mumbling and a somewhat comfortable conversation ensuing between the two.

Though the sex was not unnatural in any sense (overlooking the sheer monotony), what appalled the masses was the irresponsibility adopted by the political circles. After preaching to use condoms for decades the very basic premise of safe sex was completely overlooked by Singhvi ji. I believe further exploration into the Honourable Member of Parliament’s ‘excitable’ sex life is not needed as any further discourse would result in the eventual arrest of the author. Singhvi ji also needs to be commended for being one of the top 10 trending topics on twitter for three days straight, an achievement worthy of being mentioned.

Nonetheless with the release of the new sleaze video (if considered one) the belief in the politicians of the nation has fallen to an all-time low. The series of respectable gentlemen falling into the abyss of unholy desires has another addition to the already excruciatingly extensive list and the worst antics on record are of those belonging to the congress party. Though Singhvi ji has obtained a restrain order on the broadcast of the contents of the CD, the video has gone viral on micro blogging platform twitter. Ironical it is that the very congress party that vehemently advocated the digitalisation of the masses and hailed themselves as the harbingers of the computer revolution are the one’s worst affected. Further deplorable is the proposal to censure this revolution when the masses have realised its importance.

It is without doubt that social networking has been instrumental in ensuring that the educated masses are empowered and such antics of ‘reputable’ individuals are brought to the fore. It would be advisable for the political establishments to harbour creative exchange rather than considering regulating it. For the congress party it is time to discard the highhandedness which they have adopted for long and a serious need to reconsider their election strategies and image makeover techniques is needed.

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