So You Hate Exams? Here Is Why I Love Them (And You Should Too)

Posted on April 13, 2012 in Education

By Rigya Singh:

“I h8 examzzz!” This sentence in wrong on so many levels. Firstly, the syntax and the script are flawed beyond what words can ever describe and it makes me cringe just by looking at it. Secondly, why hate the inevitable?

Examinations are a part and parcel of our education. They are here to test what we know. While the criterion of ‘judging’ a student in itself is a defected idea, exams are here to stay. Comparing our situation to what our parents and grandparents faced, we have it easy.

I personally have a habit of taking life easy until there isn’t a sword hanging on my neck, in this case, the sword happens to be exams. I feel disoriented when exams get over, as if a purpose has been solved and now life has no meaning (not as dramatic, I assure you). Past December, I wished my exams had extended so that I could somehow shorten my ‘vacation’ time. I’m not from a broken home, or face any tribulations while there that I avoid going home, in fact, but because of exams, I feel productive. While the examiner might not be able to judge my intellect, I sure can.

It makes me text my own boundaries, my calibre. But more importantly, I’m still in college without having to attend any classes. Exams are like free lectures which let us be honest here, we all love that extra class where we do not have to face another drab lecture.

Ever read Homer’s ‘Iliad’? While preparing for a paper, I feel like Achilles arming for the lengthy battle that proved to be the end of Troy. The arming has been described in such lengthy and painful detail that one feels the anticipation building up to pave way for grandeur. After the exam, I feel like a warrior who has emerged victorious from a bloody battle just like Beowulf’s slaying of Grendel (that Beowulf dies at the hands of a dragon is not of consequence because the results are always declared later). The sense of accomplishment is venerating to your own self.

So, instead of raving about how and why you hate exams, just face them head on. After all, they are just like an assignment just without the help of Google.