The Chapter Of Human Rights Violation In India

Posted on April 3, 2012 in Society

By Ashish Patel:

In India, the condition of Human Rights is so pathetic that the weaker sections of society are continuously exploited. Each and every human being, who lives in human society, has some human rights which he/she inherits from his/her birth to the death, and no one has a right to overtake these from others. India is a witness of relevance of the human rights. The condition was such that if a person is economically weaker and is not aware about his rights, he had to suffer a lot. Domestic Violence, sati, matrimonial homicide, child rights, labor rights and prostitution are some of the example of violation of human rights.

I, as a law student, want to seek the root of this evil and want to know that why it is going to be difficult for the survival of Human Rights in a country which claims in its preamble that this is the country which is Sovereign, Socialist, Secular, Domestic and Republic. I want to know that on the one hand our constitution provides that there shall be no discrimination on the basis of race, sex, cast, religion but on the other hand even in 21st century people don’t feel comfortable with the schedule caste, schedule tribes and other backward class people. The discrimination on the basis of caste and racism is prevailing too much within the society. Honor killing is one of the burning issues and even Supreme Court is becoming strict and thinking about making a provision in piece of legislation.

One day when I was reading the ‘Human Rights Year Book 2009’ I thought about that, think about a woman who is in prostitution market, now she is old age and cannot lend her services anymore, so what she does that she has to sell her daughter to the pimp and they again put that girl in the market of prostitution and this cycle goes on. Think about a man, who has been seeking justice for his daughter who has been gang raped by 6 uncivilized member of the society. Who will look after their Human Rights and the trouble which they have suffered? Just sitting in an air conditioned room and holding the meetings, seminar or conferences are not enough to overcome from these problems. The practical implementation of law which relates with the human right is too much important.