The Dynamics of Dating: Who Pays the Bill?

Posted on April 28, 2012 in Specials

By Madhur Gupta:

Men are supposed to propose first, men are supposed to ask a girl out first and men are also supposed to pick up the tab when it comes to paying the bill in a restaurant. True, isn’t it? For some the above might be the case but for many others the concept of ‘going Dutch’ seems to be fast catching on.

More often than not, an undue pressure is put on the man while dining as a couple since the man doesn’t want to portray himself as impoverished and the woman wants to be treated like someone special. However, it is very probable for a 21st century woman to take offense when her date pays for her because she sees it as an act of suppressing the women power. Well, in such a case ‘going Dutch’ isn’t such a bad idea.

‘Paying the restaurant bill’ isn’t such an easy question to be answered in today’s dynamic world. It involves a deep study of the psychological analysis of the gender thinking. For men, paying the bill is linked with his ego, whereas for women, equality. We have seen men settling the bill, whether they want to or not, because in a culture like ours, men are supposed to play the role of a fore bearer and women are supposed to accept the role of a ‘dependent creature’.

The above mentioned concept is not new. In fact it had been prevalent from the very beginning of the world where men were supposed to be ‘providers’ and women were supposed to be ‘procreators’. If Mother Nature has decided some set roles then who are we to interfere in her laws? But Mother Nature also teaches us the equality of sexes so the question in itself again becomes extremely complicated and intricate.

So in the end, who pays the bill on a date always boils down to the couple and the situation they are in; and by situation, I mean whether it is a first date or who has asked out first or is it a new relationship or an old one, or even who earns more.

In the end I would only like to say, “Before God we all (sexes) are equally wise – and equally foolish.”