The Footpath School: Photo Story #PhotoNama

Posted on April 7, 2012 in PhotoNama, Volunteerism

By Paresh Pahuja:

Footpath School” is the brainchild of Shree Kamalbhai Parmar, running on a footpath of Ahmedabad. He has been teaching children on the footpath for last 12 years without any selfish motive or acknowledgement. These children belong to the families of labourers, domestic servants and rag pickers. Kamalbhai not only gives them free tuition and stationery, but also provides them with free meals. Initially, he had many difficulties; but he was too resolute to get demoralised. Today, he teaches as many as 150 students.

By profession, Kamalbhai runs a metal fabrication business. These students attend the Municipal school in the noon time and come to him in the evening for extra tuitions. He has received the Dharti Ratna Award from the governor of Gujarat Dr Kamla Beniwal for his remarkable initiative. 

Ashwini, a 5th class girl who wants to become a teacher
Mehul, who's also in 5th class and wants to become a doctor. His father is a laborer.
Jayesh of 5th class. His favourite subject is maths and his dream is to become a policeman.
That's Dhaval and his dream is also to become a policeman.
Mitali from 5th class. She also wants to become a doctor. Her father is a plumber.

Some more bright young minds:


The Footpath School: Where it all happens
He's the man behind all this: Shree Kamalbhai Parmar

Nothing can really stop you if you’re dedicated and determined. Look at these students. They might not be going to good schools, but they have the dedication for education — for knowledge. They have big dreams, and they want to achieve them.

Illiteracy gives birth to many other problems like poverty, population, corruption, human trafficking. Therefore every child must be equipped with primary as well higher secondary education.

Hats off to the effort put in by this man. He is the real hero of our times. If only our society could have a million more Kamalbhai Parmar.