The iPad 3: Old Boss in New Shoes?

Posted on April 7, 2012 in Sci-Tech

By Mmrityunjay Nanda:

The revolutionary slab has evolved in to all new iPad 3. After setting a trend with iPad 2, Apple has strained all nerves to make its successor up to the mark. The quality and features with which iPad 2 came in to market had set high expectations among tablet lovers for the iPad 3. But unfortunately Apple has nothing significantly new this time to provide to its loyalists. So it can be observed that the world wide acceptance of this new contraption is not so remarkable. However, the controversial statements of Apple fanatics have kept iPad 3 in news.

Where half of the world excited about the new retina display, image and video quality, there the other half is debating against the issues like extra weight, size, design, and more precisely, the value for money. Users in the modern world always find their way to a better deal. Apple iPad 3 may have hit the market with high quality retina display and a peppy look but other drawbacks and rumours are diverting buyers towards Androids like Samsung, Asus and Motorola. The price tag is also a serious problem with new iPad. On the other hand, Apple has reduced the cost of iPad 2 which will definitely attract consumers towards iPad 2 instead of iPad 3. This could be a setback for Apple. Also, Android is giving iPad 3 a tough fight with competitive prices and features, lighter weight and better designs.

You may or may not be a tablet admirer but you can’t stop asking yourself, ‘‘what is a tablet doing better than laptops, notebooks and especially the super slim laptops like MacBook Air? ’’. Everybody realizes that tablets are not yet complete substitutions of laptops or notebooks. So, may it be Apple iPad 3 or any other tablet, they have to justify their purpose of presence in the market. These high priced gizmos have a lot more to be than just gaming, casual surfing or mobile devices. Gadget enthusiasts may bet on tablets but there is a huge section of the crowd that still believes it as a gratuitous device and not worthy for putting money on.

There always will be rivalries between Apple and Android products and its fans. But the world will always welcome the better one. No one is sure where the iPad 3 will lead this war between the two but the success story of it is yet to be written.