The Science Of Motivation: A Deeper Insight

Posted on April 10, 2012 in Specials

By Anavil Jaiswal:

You never know what motivates you. This is a well proven fact, as we the humans observe in life that many a time the energy, the momentum which enthuses our hearts and impels us to step up to the plate, is provoked by the incidents, situations, the personalities, the igniting words, etc. which we have hardly known or even imagined about. The ecstatic feelings which capture our heart, which we find ourselves engrossed in seem to be sometime unknown. This leads to the conclusion that there exists no explicit manner which leads to motivation. However, what interests us might not find the same reception by someone else. By this we can realize the fact that different people feel motivated by different factors at different times by different intensities and instigated for different actions.

Let us give a brief look on what motivation is. It is a gradual process that educes, regulates, initiates, guides and sustains objective-oriented behaviours. Motivation behind the decisions that people take without any external influence and the degree to which an individual’s behaviour is self-motivated and self-determined is known as intrinsic motivation while the extrinsic motivation comes from external sources.

Motivation does not last long. It deteriorates with the passage of time and requires to be reinvigorated; it’s just like how we recharge our cell phones. This happens as the situation where motivation was conjured up but does not remain the same thereafter. Many new factors replace the existing ones. This gives rise to a thought that the attained motivation would have worked in the earlier situation; however, it seems worthless now. One of the reasons that oughts to be taken special care of is the interference of intrusive thoughts which add to negativity and prove to be an impediment in the path of success. We should also appreciate our efforts, pat our backs and award ourselves for the achievements made. This leads to what is known as self-motivation, which can be generated almost anytime and with the desired intensities, also this is one of the finest sources of motivation.

The atmosphere in which we spend the time of our life, tremendously affects the quality of our life, the levels of motivation, etc. So, one should always choose the same after giving it a good thought as we are known by the company we keep. Along with the frequently sought after Motivation, we should also take care of the other side of the coin, i.e. demotivation- it should be prevented. There are times when we find ourselves surrounded from all sides by the sundry pressures of workplace, home, social, financial, etc. This is one of the times when we should not lose hope at all. It’s easy to be aware of the solution, however in testing times we are not able to implement all we know. We start breaking down emotionally and morally, our morale begins to depreciate, the world around us seems of no good to us, all the ways to evacuate from that peculiar pickle seem to lead nowhere, no friend or relative is able to help us out and in everyone we find an adversary. Aah! It’s hard to imagine being in such a perilous situation. However, this is the point of inflection in life; this is the forked path which can lead on the positive and successful destinations and the opposite as well. It depends on us if we can maintain our calm, self-confidence, have faith in the Almighty, seek the positive; then we will and we can overcome the quandary. Remember, tough times do not last, however tough people do.

So, dear all, introspect, initiate extrospection, discover what motivation for you is and implement the same in your daily life, for knowledge is worthless until and unless applied. Whenever in doubt, take a break, take a deep breath and ponder over the question that are you being the best you can be, or is this the worst that has happened to you?
It is never too late to be what you might have been.