The Suicide of Dana Sangma: How Universities Deal With Students, And More

Posted on April 27, 2012 in Society

By Twesh Mishra:

The suicide of Dana Silva Sangma, a 21 year old student of MBA at Amity Business School, Manesar has been shrouded with allegations. The incident occurred on Wednesday, April 25 when Dana’s answer sheet was torn into pieces by an invigilator while accusing her of cheating. A distraught Dana rushed into her hostel room and hung herself from the ceiling fan when she was forced to fill up a form that formulated as a forced confession. Panic struck throughout the campus when her roommate returned to their room and found Dana. Teachers and authorities attempted to veil the incident but B S Chauhan the Deputy Vice Chancellor at Amity University confirmed that the she had committed suicide in her hostel room.

The issue was being considered as another case of examination stress related suicide until it was revealed that Dana was the niece of Meghalaya Chief Minister Mukul Sangma. Dana’s cousin Miani Shira reiterated that Dana was traumatised and that the university officials drove her to suicide. An upset Sangma demanded an inquiry into the matter and repeated that his niece was being discriminated against by the university authorities. A case under Section 306 (abetment to suicide) of the IPC was lodged against the authorities and DCP Gurgoan mentioned that clauses of the SC/ST Act were also applicable in this case.

It is an established fact that Delhi and its’ periphery have been notorious for various incidents of discrimination on grounds of appearance and place of birth. The insistence of the family members that Dana was discriminated against has revealed the dirty underbelly of the nation’s capital. Ambiguity has prevailed over the incident as Amity University authorities are insisting that the answer sheets were not torn whereas students that witnessed the examination harassment claimed otherwise. The family members and fellow Amity students were reported stating that they were regularly threatened by university authorities that they would deduct marks and debar students from examinations.

The case of Dana has rattled the skeletons in the closet that being concealed. The incident has surfaced the ruthlessness of university authorities while dealing with students. But most of all it has highlighted how students or individuals of economically and socially well off situations are hounded into the pit of discrimination. Dana’s death also suggests about the pressure of academics that outstation students have to bear. If being expressive the incident is a shocking reminder of all things bad about the education system and the attitude of Delhi-ites towards North East bound students. has been instrumental in voicing the oppressed. It is necessary that appropriate action is undertaken before our country crumbles into uncertainty.