The Throne At The White House- Who Will Win?

Posted on April 15, 2012 in GlobeScope

By Pooja Solanki:

The United States Presidential Elections, 2012 are round the corner. The forthcoming elections are seeing many tough contenders from the likes of Barack Obama, Sarah Palin to Mitt Romney and Mitch Daniels. The current US President, Barack Obama is leading the order and many eyebrows are raised on whether he will continue his next term.

America had its first ‘Black’ President in Barack Obama. A knowledgeable man with an intellect to conquer his dreams rose to power in 2008 Presidential elections. Since then US has seen many ups and downs which questions Obama’s continuation as the President. Obama rightly demonstatres the famous Martin Luther King’s speech ‘I have a dream’. He has a knack for making people believe he can. He has the remarkable capability of achieving success at what he does. He has been proven influential all round the globe because of his dedicated meetings and campaigns in the foreign lands. He has established good relations with the international leaders which proves to be a plus point for him to be re-elected. And it’s an undeniable fact that he is master at campaigns.

Moreover, his opposition party, the Republican Party doesn’t consist of potential leaders and even if the Third Party is taken into consideration, then it would only be a threat to the Republicans rather than the Democrats. Also, being a ‘Black’, he garners the support of the minority in the country. After citing all this, the question of the hour is would all this cater to his selection as the President. His reign as the President in this five-years term has its own share of shortcomings too.

Many people in the United States question his abilities and do not prospect him to be the President again. The major reason provided is that the unemployment Obama’s Presidency has brought in. Many jobs in the US are occupied by the overseas people creating a dearth of opportunities for the people of their land. Inflation is on a gradual increase which has caused the US money to be inflated day by day and a great recession is prospected soon. The problems with the Middle East has never seen its end and the Asian dictators seem troublesome to him. Even US’s economic growth is lagging behind as compared to its Asian counterparts. US’s image has been always tarnishing in the world and Obama did nothing to change this scenario. Health Care and Crime are the majors concerns in US which Obama fails to resolve.

From all above, it could be well stated that Obama has more defects in his records than advantages. This all leads to the doubting of him continuing his term as the President. Only people’s power and votes decide his fate.