Understanding Proxy Servers- Stairway To Get To The Forbidden

Posted on April 12, 2012 in Sci-Tech

By Jigish Shah:

All students and employees, are you tired of the word “FORBIDDEN” at school or work ? We all love surfing the net and get addicted to it that we can’t resist ourselves but at the same time we don’t have the access to it. At school or work the server or system admin keep us in his control by not allowing to access Internet Sites by just banning it over the Server , but now we all can make a fool of him by enjoying our right to surf or use internet thanks to server proxy and sites.

You can do it all practically!

A proxy server is a third-party server that you route your internet connection through. Essentially, what HTTPS proxy sites do is hide your IP address. It is the proxy server’s IP address that shows up on the online records, not yours. Proxy servers are invaluable tools for anyone trapped in an oppressive environment, such as internet-restrictive dictatorships, high schools, or workplaces that block popular sites like Facebook. They are also useful for accessing web sites from which you have been banned.

Many privacy-conscious users can use them at home as well to remain anonymous and secured but users should not depend to much on them as they always have a dark side to it, users should understand the concept first and then the necessity of using it as it can prove dangerous also. Those looking to surf through proxies are also often targeted by hackers – and should always have a good anti-virus installed before using a proxy. There’s a few constant top providers like Norton – you can find an updated list at https://www.top10antiviruslist.com if you’re looking for an anti-virus software. Users should also take into care that they do not commit any act which can be proved illegal or attached with any criminal intent.

All these proxies are undetected and they are hated by the government, schools, colleges, workstation etc.These proxies allow users to have full access over the internet even on secured networks and because of it thousands of proxies are blacklisted daily, but the development of technology and science never stops and Programmers and Hackers keep on breaking the code.

Methods and Tricks to use Proxy and Access Internet-

There are two main types of proxies in use today, HTTPS and socks 4 or 5. HTTPS proxy sites will typically only work with webpages (hence the HTTPS moniker) while socks proxies can communicate with a wider range of software applications. If you are just trying to browse the web, HTTPS proxy sites will do the trick 99% of the time, although they are a little slower than socks proxies. Lists of public proxies are released every day, but, due to the public nature of the lists, they rarely work longer than a week. Private proxy lists are available, but are really only needed for commercial purposes.

There are thousands of proxy’s available on the internet and one can get all the much needed access to it for free. One simple Google search can provide thousands of results and these proxy’s keep on rotating so the older proxies are replaced by the newer ones and the lists are updated and available on the internet. Now many proxies also offer premium services where users have to pay for the services and the proxy server can help them globally and also keep a track on any Malwares and Spywares, these services are quite amazing to use but on the same time are quite expensive.

For a list of proxies just Google it !

Things users should remember when using proxy servers !

1) User should not use it for any illegal or criminal intent or any other usage which is prohibited by the law.
2) User should always keep into mind that they use the service only for fair purpose.
3) User should never do any transaction or never use E-commerce sites while using proxy as proxies can’t be trusted.
4) User should never share or store any online passwords while on proxy network.
5) User should install a decent Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware software before using proxy servers.

PS:- I do not promote or advertise anybody to use these proxies. This article is written only for educational purpose!