What Needs To Be Done To Stop Corruption?

Posted on April 3, 2012 in Specials

By Baidurya Sen:

On a busy street on a typical Kolkata lane, a person deftly manoeuvres his bike through the street sans helmet. Suddenly he comes to a halt on seeing a Royal Enfield bike at some distance. And to his great distress, the Sergeant has already spotted him. He alights from the bike after coming close to the sergeant. He fines him for not wearing helmets. The rider cajoles the police officer and assures him that he will never repeat the mistake. Finally, the lenient sergeant relents, but not before pocketing a sum which is half the original fine. Both parties are satisfied.

This is a typical story in every nook and corner of India. Corruption, with its ugly head has not only reared its head in the form of politicians, but has also spread its limbs across all the strata of the human society, be it a policeman on a prowl, or a businessman yearning for increased profits. We seem to be in a state of suspended trance. Even though we know the causes and effects of corruption, we silently become a part and parcel of it, reassuring ourselves that such a system cannot be changed; even though we lament being part of it. And it is this false self-belief which has led to the degradation of collective social and moral values among the people, leading to an economic degradation of India. On one side where poor people are not getting a morsel of rice in a day, the government remain apathetic to rotting food grains in godowns. On one hand where the Government is trying to improve the higher education by constructing more IITs and IIMs, on the other hand it hardly cares about implementing the Right to Education Act for 6-14 year olds.

I want all Indians to rise up to the cause of eliminating corruption. It does not just mean to attend the fasts of Anna Hazare and holding candles up in the air while a patriotic song is sung in a rally deriding corruption; but to change our perspective and deeds in the individual level. If we can stop giving bribes (which we do not have to if we follow the laws) and stop accepting it without caring whether others are following or flouting it, we are the change. The saying goes-‘drop by drop an ocean is made’. Let us be that one drop of change. Let us be that one drop of transparency eager to clean the filthy waters of the system. Let us be that one drop of conscience which will prevent us from wrongdoings. And let us stop looking into the system with our usual humour and sarcasm. Let us do our part. And we will discover our mighty capabilities of a silent yet effective revolution. We are proud to be Indians, so let this pride nurture our integrity and dignity so that we never give in to corruption. Let India rise, let India shine! Jai Hind!

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Image courtesy: http://stop-corruption-in-india.blogspot.in/