Why Are We Moral Policing Singhvi?

Posted on April 22, 2012 in Politics

By Rigya Singh:

This was the week when Abhishek Manu Singhvi made headlines all round the clock for all the wrong reasons. But question yourself, what was this ‘wrong’ reason? He has been put on trial because his ‘sex tape’ (if you can call it that) has become viral all over the media and the internet.

I watched or rather tried to watch the 13 minute video clip which was easily accessible on You Tube. I skipped the whole thing to do something better just after 2 minutes. The extent of boredom and no action cannot be described. If only they could skip their tête-à-tête and move on to something raunchy would this tape have been worthy of all the attention it has garnered (no, maybe not even then).

It is just a politician who is trying to do what every virile Indian male does. Why is everyone angry with Mr. Singhvi? He did not sign up for Priesthood. His job does not forbid him to have sex. So why is everyone acting like he did something wrong? The woman in the tape is well above 18, it is consensual sex, and it is not a snuff movie. There is no kind of criminality that can be detected. So why are we moral policing him? I doubt every Indian who is after Singhvi is angry on behalf of his wife and children.

Why do we have to act like sex is a taboo? We all know what goes behind those locked doors and four walls, and it sure isn’t snakes and ladders (no pun intended). When two consenting adults have sex, IPC does not condemn it. Professional and personal life should be separate. He is no nymphomaniac whose sex drive is affecting his performance in the parliament.

Let his wife deal with the cheating part. Let his children deal with the infidelity. And leave him and his sorry excuse for a sex tape alone.