Work Status of Our Half-Baked Professional: A Personal Account

Posted on April 22, 2012 in Business and Economy

By Awanish Shahi:

I have come across many write-ups which question the employability potential of Indian professionals. Ironically, India, a growing economy, boasts of a young working population, especially those of the IT domain, and still questions the credibility of the knowhow of these young Indians. Unsurprisingly it’s partially true. A country keen on fostering intellectual growth allows opening of some hundreds of technical institution annually without paying a single thought on what really goes in these institutions. Well, Indian government hardly needs to pay attention as most of these institutions are run by some of the people among themselves or their coterie.

They establish these institution as cramped buildings churching income with minimum possible facility, both technical and faculty wise. Right from fixing affiliation-granting institutions to roping way for IT companies to recruit pupils at measly remuneration, they master all aspects of this game. As a result half-baked technical minds of these institutions are picked by the IT companies to work at illusive offers. And rest becomes a common history. But where does the major chunk of this half-baked, unemployed and frustrated youth goes?

I see many of them as commuters in our major IT polis, carrying resumes, peeping out from window of buses or taxis in despair. I see many of them in their father’s business or trade, growing pale and weak. I see those applying and doing jobs much beneath their qualification. I see them falling in drug addiction. I see some of them in breaking news of news channels, making waves through extortion, smuggling, MMS and many such activities. Well everything stated above is not a new thing. What made me ponder on it was a revelation from my fellow working colleague talking about an engineering graduate who is applying for a security guard post. It gave me goose bumps and forced me to think of many such professionals and their current working status.