5 Recommended Websites You Must Visit

Posted on May 30, 2012 in Specials

By Anavil Jaiswal:

It is a human behaviour to explore, investigate and learn. The oldest of the civilizations are a witness to human curiosity. Whatever change has taken place, what we are today; the credit to all goes to the human nature to discover. Today, as we breathe in the 21st century which is brimmed with the high tech gadgets; our ways to uncover the secrets around are well supported and agreeable. Thanks to Sir Timothy John “Tim” Berners-Lee for the invention of the World Wide Web which throws a plethora of opportunities to search, to seek, to learn and to satiate the everlasting hunger for knowledge or information. There are millions of websites in the internet world which flummox a surfer and leads to an indecisive state obscuring the selection of a specific website. So, let’s have a look on a few websites which are worthy enough to be surfed by a common user.

Global Voices – First of all, I would recommend you to explore the http://globalvoicesonline.org/, which is an international network of bloggers, translators, etc. with an objective to establish a fruitful connection amongst the blogosphere throughout the world. It is a unique platform which allows you to open your heart regarding the prevalent issues in the society and bring a comprehensive change together. Also, you can access the significant issues, incidents, etc. from sundry cultures which are available in a common language, which altogether provides an international cross cultural exposure, widening your perception.

Menshealth/Womenhealth – Now, as we know that health is wealth, so let’s grow a little wealthier by following the tips, the different exercises, the changes in the daily lifestyle, etc. on http://www.menshealth.com/ (for men) and http://www.womenshealthmag.com/ (for women). These websites are of immense use for the amelioration of physical health of an individual, also for the mental one as a sound mind rests in a sound body. Loads of fruitful information related to fitness, diet, nutrition, weight loss is available at a mouse click. Queries related to human sexuality and related issues can be helped with.

About – The content site http://www.about.com/ is a source for original information and advice. It offers a variety of categories which can be browsed to avail the desired content. The topics are classified alphabetically and you can sail through the long list looking for the one of your interest. The range covers many of the queries that arise in our daily lives, travelling, shopping, education and so on. All the content is added by experienced writers who are experts of their individual genres, so you can count on the site without entertaining any doubts.

Google Groups – If interested in participating in threaded conversations, you can find numerous discussion groups related to your interests at http://groups.google.com. This will enhance your communication skills along with fostering your thinking and reasoning ability. You will also come to know the thought process and perceptions of different people pertaining to different fields, add to your general knowledge, overall ameliorating your personality.

Archive – An archive site http://archive.org is a digital library where you can access collections of digitized materials, including websites, music, images, videos and nearly three million public domain books. This is much, all together under one roof. You can upload as well as download umpteen files to the site’s data cluster and enjoy unbounded online access to that material free of cost.

So, just check out these websites and explore the unexplored, be inquisitive and aware of the world around you and achieve what your desire for. I hope you will enjoy surfing these sites and the sites prove to be useful to you always in all ways.