5 Things of Daily Use That Are Hazardous Enough To Kill You

Posted on May 28, 2012 in Specials

By Udit Garg:

In day-to-day life, there are thousands of things we use like washing powder, mobile phones, soap and all. They are pretty useful things but who can think that even a washing-soap bar is a potential bomb? Yes, like washing-soap bar there are various household products that are hazardous in their current state and below I’m going to mention only 5 but those which top in this list.

Mobile Phones: Mobile phones when active release low level of radio frequency which if, is in contact with the human ear for more than an hour or two per day, can reduce ones power to hear things and with time a person can permanently lose his/her ability to hear or can result in brain cancer. For an alternative, hands-free can be used but even they exhibit very low level of radio frequency which increases the time from 2 hours to 6-7 hours but not beyond that. The best way is using Bluetooth headset instead. It exhibits only a miniscule amount of electromagnetic energy.

Lead Paint: Paints are of 2 types: lead paint or lead-free paint. Lead paints are cheap and consequently their life cycle is also short being only 2-3 years. After few years the thin sheets of paint starts peeling off which is very dangerous. When the paint peels off, a huge amount of lead and other compounds flow in air in solid form and easily come in contact with breathing process of humans and eyes thus causing breathing problems like Asthma, even in worst conditions various heart diseases can occur in patients.

Indoor Carpets: Indoor Carpets are found with VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) which is no less than a poisonous snake’s poison. The problem lies with the first few days of installation of new carpet and not its whole lifetime. The dyes and glue used in preparing carpets are found to have VOC’s in them and can cause nervous breakdown, heart attack, blood cancer etc. thus disastrous in nature. But, if there’s a problem, there also lies a solution to the same problem, always spread the new carpets under the sun for a day or two and then install it indoor. With this, all the emissions of VOC’s will get mixed into the air and will not cause any danger to human life.

Air-Fresheners and Cleaning Agents: There are thousands of products available in market which comes in this category and all of them have one thing in common, if these products are used in excess or are used in small quantity but in unventilated area. They emit large amount of chemically hazardous products which either are toxic for humans or is supporter of Ozone depletion. So, room fresheners and other cleaning products must be used very judiciously so as to reduce toxicity in air and one can live his/her life peacefully.

And Cosmetics: Cheap cosmetics which are sold maximally in India are another source of skin cancer in India. Cheap cosmetics contain a compound known as phthalates which goes into the skin and erodes it slowly. The effects of using such products show after 10-15 years of their regular usage. I recommend using products from known, reputed brands because they maintain international standards and don’t use phthalates into their products.

So! Please look out what you use and if it is harmful to nature or self in any way. Internet is a free, vast and authentic source of information so have a regular check on these things and if found problematic check out for a good alternative.