5 TIPS: How To Use LinkedIn Groups For Your Job Search?

Posted on May 16, 2012 in Education

By Adarsh Thampy:

Some people say job search is much more difficult these days with increased competition and less jobs. But I disagree!

Job search is difficult only if you don’t use the opportunities you have today. It’s no longer enough to simply look at newspaper classifieds, send in resumes to random companies, or register at job portals and wait for the interviewer to call you.

If you are still stuck with the same mentality that used to work a few years back, yes, finding a job is going to be very difficult.

So, what’s the most lucrative job search platform available online? Linkedin!

Why Use Linkedin for Your Job Search?

“As of March 31, 2012, LinkedIn operates the world’s largest professional network on the Internet with 161 million members in over 200 countries and territories.” — Source Linkedin.

Unlike Facebook, Linkedin has a very distinct advantage. Apart from the several million users, its users have a professional mindset when they log into Linkedin and use it to connect with peers and share ideas. You can tap into this network to find jobs even before they go out in the open market.

By getting involved via Linkedin, you can build up your network as well as get insider information about hiring requirements, future openings and so on. But, just as with any social network, you can either waste your time using Linkedin or make effective use of your time.

How to Tap Into the 161 Million Professionals Network?

Make use of Linkedin groups!

Although you can browse profiles, job listings, ask for introduction to potential recruiters and even try contacting company HR’s, it’s not a very effective model of job hunting.

You need employers and HR recruiters to notice you and contact you for job offers instead of you going after them. The pull methodology works wonderfully well when it comes to the job market. Here’s how you accomplish it via Linkedin groups.

#1: Join Relevant Groups

Duh! Could it be more obvious than this that you need to be part of groups to make use of it? Some groups do allow non members to comment, but to make best use of all features, join relevant groups.

Now, the problem with most people when they start hunting for jobs is that when asked to join groups, they go on a marathon of joining just about any group they think is possibly related to their job search.

Well, I have news for you. That’s not the way it needs to be done.

You have to find targeted, active and useful groups that can help you achieve your goal of getting a job.

Here are some useful tips for selecting which groups to join

  1. Are the groups relevant? If you want a job as a PHP developer, try joining PHP groups instead of general programming groups or technology groups
  2. Always join groups that are active. No matter if the group has a million members, if it’s not active, well there is no point on joining that group
  3. Check out recent conversations in the group. Are there any jobs being mentioned? If yes, that’s a huge bonus point
  4. Never go by the numbers alone. Sometimes a smaller focused group can give you much better results than a hundred thousand member group
  5. What kind of activity is going on in the group? Is it a group with just links all over (done mostly by spammers), or does it have genuine discussions as well?

#2: Be Useful

Once you join relevant groups, be nice. Share interesting, yet related news. Help others if it’s something that’s within your range. Be yourself. Don’t just go out asking people for job or commenting on only links which talk about jobs.

#3: Be Timely

It really helps if you could show that you are street smart and can act in a timely manner. Don’t appear dumb by answering a one your old abandoned thread. If a link says apply for the job within a specified time limit, don’t publicly ask if you can apply (private message if possible is acceptable in some cases).

Also, don’t share news that are old, ask questions about outdated technology (unless it’s really important), or ask advice on questionable tactics (unethical or simply dumb). Whatever you post on a group is public and will affect the way a potential employer might hire you.

#4: Drop Hints

While it’s great to be useful, do drop hints at times that you are looking for a job. No, I don’t mean buying a premium membership to get a job seeker badge. What I am telling you to do is, blend in your job request with other conversation. After all, unless you tell someone that you need a job, how are they going to know that they should offer you one?

#5: Keep Hustling

Like with any other method, Linkedin is not foolproof. It’s not a magical way of getting job. It’s just another medium you can use to reach influencers and expand your network. So don’t give up. Keep hustling!

Over To You:

Have you tried looking for jobs via Linkedin groups? Let me know your experience in the comment section.

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