5 Traits An Employer Looks For In A Graduate: Do You Have ‘Em?

Posted on May 28, 2012 in Education

By Nupur Dogra:

Are you graduating this year? Here are 5 traits an employer looks for in a graduate.

Knowledge and its application:

A graduate may have scored the best of marks in the theory but the actual test comes while its practical application. The employer is less concerned with marks and more interested in how the employee is at practical application of the knowledge. This does not mean that marks are not important; marks can fetch you packages while your practical skills will determine how long you will enjoy that package. Proper knowledge, clear-cut concepts, strong basics, and techniques to apply knowledge in day to day working accurately are some of the prerequisites for proper administrations. The aspirant should be able to apply theory not only to familiar but, unfamiliar situations as well. Technology is one thing that is continuously evolving; the employee should be well versed with current technology and quick to adapt to the changes.

Treating every work with equal respect:

My parents used to tell me that “one shouldn’t be ashamed of doing any kind of work as no work is petty.” This teaching is a must for every new or fresh recruit. Do not get shocked when your senior asks you to get a photocopy or scanning get done. A customer support specialist and a B.com graduate from Delhi University, shares her experience: she describes a B.com graduate recruited in a well reputed CA firm as an intern who is not entitled to study leaves or classes however earns a salary more than the stipend. She being a workaholic admits that she can work for hours if the work is according to her qualification but, the most nerve retching moment which leaves her fuming is when she is asked to get 3000 photocopies or scanning done, as if she was an over qualified peon. When faced with such a situation the employee must abide as one has to earn a position in a company, it does not come instantly.

Creative thinking and decision making:

Creative thinking involves production of novel and original ideas and solutions to problems. Creative thinking is not only about thinking out of the box, originality is one of the important characteristics. Appropriateness of a creative thought in a particular context is also an essential determinant. Sometimes people mistake bizarre thoughts and irrelevant fantasizing for creative thinking. Employer expects their employees to come up with new productive ideas and refrain from non — conformist attitude in the name of creative thinking. An employee looks for divergent thinking abilities such as Fluency — ability to produce several ideas for a particular task or a problem, Flexibility — variety in thinking or different use of a particular object, Originality — ability to produce rare and new ideas, Elaboration — ability of a person to go into details and work out implications of new ideas.

Decision making is not an easy task as a particular decision — if went right can cause great profits but, if went wrong can cause further consequences and losses. The employer expects the employee to take proper decision at the right time. Also, the employee must understand the difference between being decisive, impulsive and indecisive i.e. the employee should be decisive but not impulsive and should refrain from indecision.

Competitive as well as cooperative:

Competition and cooperation are both important traits which an employer looks for in his employee. While healthy competition amongst workers encourages better outcome and motivates them to work more efficiently, cooperation is a must amongst people working together to ensure a suitable environment for proper growth. Competition and personal ambition if kept above the interest of the company can lead to disharmony amongst the staff. So, an employer looks for a person who has perfect ratio of cooperation and competition. Competition should exists not within but with outside players and similarly cooperation should exist inside the company not with outside people as it may turn to disloyalty.

Obedience, Self efficacy and responsibility:

A person who believes that he has the required traits important to solve a particular issue is high on self efficacy. High self efficacy and a confident personality are some of the essential traits that the employers look for amongst the job aspirants. Obedience of rules and conformity with existing norms are prerequisites. Also, an employee should refrain from social loafing to come into the good books of his/her boss. Every employer looks for responsible person who sticks to deadline and maintains the quality of work as well.

So, are you ready for the job?