A Page from the Diary of a “Productive” Young Individual

Posted on May 31, 2012 in Specials

By Awanish Shahi:

This can be a page from diary of anyone out of great percentage of our productive young generation contributing and building a greater India.

Like any other day this day too went by without bestowing upon me a single moment of genuine creative satisfaction. I solemnly contemplate and realize how my entire productive phase has been reduced to a mere sleep walk. Well I guess there are myriads of homo-sapiens who are languishing or sleep walking through like me. Every morning we amalgamate our mind with our heart to literally drag ourselves for a work which we abhor like anything else. Like a zombie we saturate with the milieu and allow our self to sleep walk. We go to bed with a notion of alternatives to malinger next morning .As a sole victim we anticipate how we are growing pale in a job we detest like hell. We choose our space to offload our stress but unfortunately it is part of our own mind where we create a happy abode without any hindrance. So our ‘self’ creates bonhomie with our mind giving untiring and pleasant feel in loneliness. Closed rooms without any other human reach looks like awesome dwelling place, so is the obsolete part of any garden. We browse and flip through hundred of self actualization, self-motivation, mid-life career crisis books. We read and realize, get mum and numb, take back the arising lump in throat and like a protagonist of typical bollywood movie assure our heart to change the scene. The night passes with vivacity and alacrity of provoking thoughts ruminating in mind as result of hundreds of pages of books with energizing titles. But by the time we dress up to leave for our work in morning, our last night awakening vanishes and it becomes hard to unlock the door to step out of house for our daily rut.

This is rampant psychological phenomena which our young generation is going through. In any metropolis lakhs and lakhs of formal clad young guys walk, ride, run, and travel to a destination which is not their choice but their necessity. This trauma creeps and makes them socially, psychologically, physically and mentally weak and in turn vulnerable. This never happens overnight. It is a consequence of all the decisions we take considering the elements which dominates our life without taking in consent what we want or what we like doing? Repercussion of this trauma is extremely detrimental like mental illness, drug addiction and many more such incidents.

Like any other problem we can also surpass this calamity but intelligently. It’s human tendency that we believe in safe life and safe job concept, we choose what works for us not what we will do and enjoy. Someone wanted to be a photographer but ended up pursuing engineering, some wanted to be a musician but family pressure made a banker and there are many such examples. The crucial step to fight this trauma is to dig you and see what the human under the skin is yearning for. There is no ideal career but there are ideal choices. Even the wrong choices teach us lessons. It’s upon you to take your call on what you really like doing and prepare your mind and body to look beyond the current morose situation.