Beat the Heat: Tips to Care for Your Dog

Posted on May 23, 2012 in Specials

By Udit Garg:

Phew! I believe temperature will rise up to 50 degrees this year, of course humans know how to co-op up with the problem but what about their cute-little pets. Like humans, pets, particularly dogs require attention in summers. Dog’s internal body temperature rises at higher rate when compared to humans and unlike humans, the number of sweat glands in dogs is very little so it is very difficult for them to survive in extreme climate. Following are few tips and suggestions that a dog owner should follow so that his/her dog stay in shape for few more years.

Treat them as your friends. If you’re in AC, then why should they be in lawn taking the heat? Bring them in; provide them cool air so their body temperature gets maintained. If you are out of home and not taking your dog with you, remember to put ample stock of fresh and cold water in his/her dog-house so that he/she can rest there and cool himself/herself down. And also remember; please do construct a good dog-house for your dog, no matter what, becausethey also need some space for themselves where they can rest without any interference.

In summers, give your dog sips of fresh and cold water time and again so that his/her body temperature gets maintained and also he/she stays active throughout the day. Try to give them baths frequently so that they feel refreshed all the time. Bath eliminates the body-heat most effectively. In summers dogs normally are more active but soon they lose their activity because exhaustion and at that point they require fresh and cool water. Please see to that you change their drinking water time and again because, water gets heated faster in summers.

Buy your pets cooling vests and beds this summer so that they feel best of their state. Cooling vests and beds have water inside which can be refilled easily. Dogs after exhaustion can lie on their beds to reduce their body-temperature and feel ease. If dog is wearing a cooling vest, he/she will feel refreshed all the time. To dogs it just feels like if a human has got on to a water bed to beat heat and relax.

I’ve seen a common trend that people leave their dogs inside a parked vehicle with glass a little opened. I’ve to say, it’s wrong. Parked vehicles even under shed and with windows cracked a little can heat a lot. Just think if it is deadly for a human, how toxic it will be for a dog? In such case, the dog may become unconscious, or can be even dead. So, try to take them with you or if you can’t, always remember to carry two car keys, first one to turn on the car and AC for your dog, and second one to lock the car, go to your work and when you come back you can open the car again. In this case, dog will feel great and when you’ll come back, you’ll find him licking you all over and wagging his tail.

Just remember, treat your dog well and give them the necessary attention they require. You love them; they love you back even more and will be with you forever. Dogs never forget what their master’s do for/to them. They truly are human’s best friend if human is also ready to be friendly to them.