Carnal Love And A Mournful Demise: A Tale From SRM University

Posted on May 17, 2012 in Society

By Mmrityunjay Nanda:

The divine eternity of a Guru-Shishya relationship is praised even in heavens. Where one innocent soul dedicates its mortal and immortal belongings on a bond of trust, respect and commitment, there the tutor enlightens his disciple with the lights of wisdom.

The incident that I am going to relate here may not even ring a bell but I am sure that this adds another scratch to the devout relationship between student and teacher. Once again a radiant soul lost her life due to consequences of disguised infatuation. A girl called S Shobana committed suicide on April 7th after being ‘ditched’ by her professor, Mr. M Raja, who is a computer science faculty from SRM University, Kattankulathur campus, Chennai. Though a case was registered under IPC sections 417 (punishment for cheating) and 306 (abetment of suicide), the 34-year-old professor was remanded in judicial custody. The 21-year-old, who hanged herself at her own house in Lakshmi Nagar, was an MBA student of the university and the daughter of Mr. Subramanian, 22nd ward councilor of Chennai Corporation.

During my engineering days in SRM, I have witnessed many demises but none has met justice. Sometimes the mournful parents had no strength to appeal and sometimes the cases were closed with a bottle of rum and a packet of biryani. This case could possibly be ignored just like earlier ones if Mr. Subramanian, father of the girl, would not have taken a wise step. When he discovered the cell phone of her daughter, the texts in it started talking about the cause of her death. The girl’s father could not hold his feet and rushed to media without informing to University. That is why the college authorities did not stand a chance to suppress the case. It was his stronghold what helped Mr. Subramanian to drag the accused to the court but I am afraid that every parent in SRM doesn’t possess such professional holds and it does not imply that they don’t have right to justice.

Mr. M Raja, the asst. professor, used to take classes for MBA ‘O’ section twice a week where he happened to know the girl. While describing the character of the professor, a student from SRM says, “He was my professor for some time and we know his behavior. He is role model for how a professor should not be”. The professor who is a father of two children proposed to the girl on a full moon day, hiding his marital status. The girl too accepted his proposal being unaware of her miserable destiny. Soon after, they started spending time together where their emotional and physical desires ended with intimacy. During off days their cell phones acted as love birds exchanging feelings in the form of text. But the wonderland tour suddenly came to an end when the girl’s family started gathering marriage proposals for her. When the girl asked Mr. Raja to talk with her parents regarding their marriage, a gush of wind struck him hard. The father of two children had no choice but to avoid her.

Here comes the turning point where Police theory suggests that Mr. Raja finally had revealed the truth of his marital status before the girl and denied the possibility of 2nd marriage. An investigating officer continues, “Despite the professor revealing the truth, she was after him and even asked him to introduce her to his wife. He then changed his mobile phone number. Being frustrated over his behavior the girl killed herself”. The point is completely baseless and I don’t buy it. Just because the professor changed his phone number and didn’t talk to her, she committed suicide? How could anybody say so? The professor was a hostel warden and was available in campus all the time. She could have confronted him anytime she wanted. After all they were in one campus. There was literally nothing which could stop the girl to meet the professor.

Sanjay from Chennai thinks, “What the professor did was wrong. But she should not have committed suicide for this love failure. She should not have forgotten that she was carrying her parents’ hopes, once she came to know that he was married, she should have concentrated on studies rather than love”. But, is that really so simple? How a 21-year-oldl being so helpless, could kill herself? Well, my theory suggests, definitely there was something else that real hard for the girl to overcome. After knowing everything, why didn’t she try to meet his wife on her own? What if the girl did meet his wife but ended up with abusive and harsh treatment. I know we just can’t point out anything for sure as the girl took all the mysteries along with her death. But can you imagine what her parents are going through since her death. So, whom should we blame?

Anyone may conclude that either the girl could not control her psychological balance what drove her to tragic end or the deceitful and harsh behavior of the professor was so strong which forced her to do so. On one side future of two naive children will be spoiled if their father got sentenced, there on other side grieving parents of the girl deserve justice too. I just don’t understand why do our educated society and matured individuals entertain such puerile activities which ultimately lead to loss of innocent lives?

It may be a lifetime imprisonment or an execution for Mr. Raja but can we substitute the girl’s life?