Condition of an Indian Soldier: How Supportive the “Nation” is?

Posted on May 10, 2012 in Society

By Anavil Jaiswal:

India has been so prosperous that it was known as the ‘Golden Bird’. Its affluence has been attracting many to annex the vast land. For its safety and integrity, the Indian army toils day and night sacrificing the comfort, their joys, even their lives. The credit to our fearless and pleasant lives being with our families; wholly lies in the hands of the soldiers. The fulfilment of their needs should be the top-priority of our nation. Unfortunately, the situation differs from what it should be.

In a country, which finds no lack of resources, its safeguards are devoid of even the basic protective equipments like bulletproof jackets, helmets, etc. They are being forced to fight, merely with their own potential. Though impressive plans are made, huge projects brought into existence; nothing fruitful is achieved, the worse thing is that this is all deliberate. Various hurdles are imposed which come from nowhere, making the procedure to be more complex and the projects seem somewhat unattainable. Things remain only in the process, almost never reaching their destination. How pathetic.

The soldiers are already under tremendous mental pressure; their death lingers around them. What add to their physical burden are the heavy, cumbersome equipments which are too vexatious to be of any help. The number of annual casualties along with acting as a loss of human resource reveals the efficiency of their paraphernalia. It seems that the government thinks to balance the increasing population by the absurd subjugation of soldiers on the borders. The politicians are observed to be enjoying all kinds of luxuries as they are responsible for the important decisions favourable for the nation. It is evident to one and all that ‘how’ prolific their decisions are. They are just found to be condemning each other’s inappropriate actions or expressing false concern on the existing issues.

The overall unattractive life of an Indian soldier draws an ugly picture on one’s mind, consequently demotivating the youth from joining the army. This altogether is enfeebling the Indian army and needs to be checked immediately. I personally believe that my every breath is a debt which I owe to the ‘Jawaans’ at the front, who even right now while I write this article, will be struggling hard, awake throughout the night so that we can enjoy the ‘sweet dreams’. I request earnestly to the government to approve the pending proposals and supply all the needs of the soldiers, even that does not compensate for their esteemed services. After all, they are also human beings, they also have a heart, they also feel. Don’t they?