Ear Plugged: Let Music Not Become Your Death Knell

Posted on May 26, 2012 in Specials

By Anavil Jaiswal:

“Excuse me….. Can you hear me? Hey! Please look behind. Oh No!”

Something similar can be heard time and again when the so called ‘modern’ youngsters walk casually on the roads engrossed in the musical enjoyment, oblivious of any approaching vehicles. Thanks to the inappropriate use of the high tech gadgets prevalent in the markets. In the past few years, the incidents of serious injuries to the pedestrians using earphones have grown considerably. The question which arises is: Is this the cost of a short term entertainment? Is this worthy enough and why don’t we learn from others’ mistakes?

Since the last decade or two, the world observed a sea of change that too, so rapidly. It brought in a consequential effect on the day to day lives of the people. The time of a day started proving less to be a part of numerous activities. The lifestyle has gone too hectic full of stress, fear and anxiety. For the entertainment and recreation, one is hardly able to manage any time. This is one of the reasons that people listen to music while walking on the roads which prevents them from hearing the blowing horns and exposes them to fatal mishaps. The magnetic gadgets tend to make one feel more fashionable and trendier. Perplexingly, the majority of the jaywalkers are that of males, mostly teens and the youth. It’s their over confidence which drives them crazy to try the railway lines also, having a blind belief that no train would come; even if one comes too, they will come to know by its sound or the vibrating ground. However, the favourite music pleasing the mind, leads to sensory deprivation; one gets totally lost, sashaying around with earphones plugged into their ears.

Not only music, people are found to be submerged in conversations, too while they remain unaware of the danger they have been courting. Not only on foot, while riding on a bike or driving a car also, the use of hands-free devices, the diversion of mind towards calls, music, etc. leads to misconsequences.

Out of all this what gets defamed are the electronic gadgets and the music stands out to be a culprit, which is not so. It’s ironic that music is proved to be more of a death knell, disparaging its numerous positive roles in our life. The need is of managing the emotions; people being aware of the repercussions are still following the wrong path. They must be discouraged from the same. Though there are campaigns running to dissuade people from such illogical activities, they themselves should be conscientious enough to prevent getting into the ‘IPod oblivion’. Earphones should only be used in a state of rest, not in motion; in a safe surrounding being assured of any issue emanating from their use. It’s the moral duty of one and all to be sincere and logical in all pursuits, thereby supporting their as well as others’ lives. I hope you are not amongst such people; if you have been doing so, please refrain yourself from now onwards and guide others, too. Share this information with someone around you, right now! Go ahead, be the change that you want to see in others. After all, ‘coolness’ does not come at the cost of your life.