Facebook All Set to Thwart-Teen

Posted on May 30, 2012

By Mmrityunjay Nanda:

Swelling business by lifting the ban on under thirteens could be tactic move from Facebook but the kids are definitely going to lose some precious childhood days if the new regulation gets through.

The Times aired the news that Facebook is planning to remove the ban that legally restricts under 13 users to use Facebook. A debate will be conducted on the topic by next month where FB will shout for the cause. Facebbook in support of his proposal states, ‘‘There is reputable evidence that there are kids under 13 who are lying about their age to get on to Facebook.’’ Simon Milner, Facebook head of policy from Britain continues, ‘‘some seem to be doing it with their parents permission & help.’’ Nevertheless it’s a mere excuse from FB to spoil a million kids & their billion of innocent times.

When I came to know about the news, an aversion thought gushed in to my mind, ‘‘Oh No! Please spare the kids. They have a life to live.’’ Talking logically, I like FB & I am a FB user too. It helps me to connect with my friends, relatives; it entertains me with some latest updates as well. But Facebook is just an addiction for me rather than a pure entertaining social network which has already eaten thousand hours of my life. I have seen people spending hours; hours in chilling out, hanging around with friends, sharing pictures, videos and lot more thus wasting nearly two third of every valuable day of their life on Facebook. In short, FB has become a spoil bag in a large number regardless of its relaxing facts.

If Facebook succeeds to get the rule pass then perceptibly a large crowd will hit the page which floated on the stock market last week for $105 billion. So if only a rumor can hunt down 100 billion dollars by nightfall then you may imagine the profit figures that FB will bag if the law sees green. And it is too expected that number of profiles will shot from 900 million to 1 billion. So, what should we do? Should we wait to welcome 100 million innocent kids to Facebook; watch them ruin?

I don’t understand how on earth parents could want to spoil the playful days of their children? FB is just an excuse of alternated entertainment system which is making a clumsy army of youth day by day. If the law gets on then literally kids will be spending much more time before computer rather than playing in garden, meeting friends and doing things physically. I am sure that the process will obstruct the overall natural growth of kids. I am not the one who is seeing ill but anyone can easily foresee the consequences if a ten year old kid get addicted to Facebook. Being parents what will you do, send your children to rehab or beat them out of home? I know what you can do, Stop it before it gets out of reach.

But Facebook officials shockingly deny opening network to kids under 13 in another conversation with FOX NEWS. Though Facebook agrees with Milner’s earlier statements but they believe that Simon Milner was misreported & Facebook has no intention to remove the ban. I don’t know who is lying & who is patching up, but the prime question here, is Facebook only concerned with innate; iniquitous business?

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