Home and Beyond: The New Generation Home Maker

Posted on May 16, 2012 in Society

By Neelima Ravindran:

Every time someone says she is a house wife or a home maker (the new term), she is inadvertently put into one of the three categories: dumb, oppressed or frustrated. While many of these connotations have arisen from the portrayal of home makers in movies and on TV, the truth is that the empathies/criticism of the so called “liberal” men and women are as clichéd as the sentiments shown on screen.

What the progressive intellectuals refuse to acknowledge is that a woman can be as happy, satisfied and fulfilled being an artisan at home as she can be when she goes out and dons a professional hat. Instead of treating a household as separate aspects of job-going independent husband and a stay at home dependent wife it should be seen as a single unit where one person earns and one person takes care of the family. Over the years her life has evolved slowly but steadily and the new generation home maker is not one who confined to four walls of the house, spends her time seeing soap operas, but secure and smart woman with her own passions and who accomplishes a contented life for herself. A house wife is the devout, dynamic and divine centre of a house and it is sad that they are not treated with the respect and dignity that they so rightly deserve. It is disappointing that the educated and dogmatic elite find pleasure in treating the home maker as a shame to the society when her sacrifice and resilience is what cements the foundation of that very society and she is the one who moulds the future generation of any nation. There are definitely aberrations as in the case of every group, but it is also highly uncharacteristic to paint the entire section with a single stroke.

The young generation of home makers refuse to be invisible entities any more. Changing the term ‘house wife’ to ‘home maker’ is not enough but a paradigm shift in the attitudes of families, societies and governments in accepting the roles they play inside the homes as well as outside of it. Intelligent individuals who takes part in the building the country, sharp managers who takes care of their households, caring moms who have prioritised the life of their children above their own — let these challenge the routine adjectives that so often describe these unappreciated women in our society.