India, China Asked To Curb Emissions: West’s Show Of ‘Super Power’?

Posted on May 15, 2012 in Environment

By Pooja Solanki:

Climate change has become a hair-raising issue, as it caters to the degradation of the environment. The vexed issue has sparked many debates since last two decades. Previously, the division on who would lead the battle against climate change was based on developed and developing nations. But the recent meet held at Brussels, Belgium reveals a different story.

A rapidly developing economy like China was left out from the settlement which asked few countries to curb emissions. The decision was taken at the Rio Earth Summit held in the year 1992 and formalised in the 1997 Kyoto protocol. Ministers from various nations, from developed to developing, small island states, etc. gathered for a two-day meeting at Brussels ahead of global climate change talks in Bonn, Germany in the coming week.

The countries agreed on the point that the old division isn’t suitable for the present conditions. Since the beginning of the 21st century, the world had to face many challenges regarding the environment and climate change still continues to be bothering. Something ‘dynamic’ would be inculcated in the prospected global treaty which would be signed in the year 2015 and come in to effect from 2020.

The latest statistics reveal that emission of greenhouse gases from the developing countries like India and China are comparatively greater. This has resulted into a severe climate change which would largely affect the least developed countries and small island states. The meet at Brussels have ended up in forcing India and China to reduce emissions.

If the recent trend is anything to go by, the fact that the Western states are trying to dominate the Asian countries comes into picture, from the above report. The per capita consumption of energy and resources is much higher when compared to the other nations of the world. In literal terms, the emission of greenhouse gases, thus, prove out to be more in the West. In all, no nation could be blamed but a rather better solution needs to be formulated.

Nations of the world seem to blindly practise overpowering. Every nation wants to outshine the other in a race to emerge out as the ‘Super Power’. The result has turned out to be ghastly which has a huge impact on the environment. The emission of greenhouse gases is increasing day by day leading to Global Warming. Rapid industrialization and a dire need of great standard of living are to be blamed.

We have failed to realize that a nation’s beauty and glory, besides industrial growth, lies in the ecological bio-diversity. The bio-diversity has witnessed many ugly phases due to Climate Change. It would be beneficial for the whole humanity if environment becomes the first priority rather than money and power!