Nrityagram: A Place To Preserve The Essence Of Art And Culture

Posted on May 6, 2012 in Culture-Vulture

By Ashish Patel:

Nrityagram, it is a place which provides the harmonic environment for preserving the art & culture, and where each and every art lovers dream comes true. Nrityagram also known as “Dance village” is the holy worldwide famous ‘gurukul’ for dancing especially Odissi. It is founded by socialite Protima Gouri and it has been continuously functioning since 1990. Protima said about this institution that “it is the community in India which is dedicated to preserving the art, development of dance and devoting towards the spreading of culture by using the means of various arts like dance.” It is currently teaching dance to nearly 200 students.

Nrityagram has crossed the boundary of India and has also been organising events on foreign land and ‘Pratima Reflection’ is one of the examples which was held in New York. The director of Nrityagram and famous Odissi dancer Surupa Sen says that “her dance involves the meticulous readings of metrological texts, deep observation of sculptures, and it cannot be literal but the complex one.”

The objective of Nrityagram seems to retain the actual essence of dancing and it can be seen by its efforts for Odissi dancing. Revival of art is very difficult task to do but the Nrityagram has gone up to the depth that it has reintroduced ‘Mahari tradition’ which was extinct nearly 70 years ago and this shows that how much Nrityagram is devoted towards the art.

For preserving and influencing the art, Nrityagram organised the ‘Vasanta Habba’ a festival for arts where different kinds of sculptures are showcased and the festival tries to form a communication between audience and performers by the different forms of dance and various tribal and non-tribal musical instruments are also played. These events are organised to try to bring all possible forms of art in one place so that the large art community will be able to interact with the real taste of the art of India.

Nrityagram is putting all its possible efforts for influencing the art so that more and more people are attracted towards it and join the Nrityagram for preservation and dissemination of art by using the kind of art that is dancing. They have created a new path to walk that is ‘gurukul’ which imparts the skills of dancing as well as influencing and developing the skills for the existing arts.