Obama vs. Romney: The Confusing Case of US Presidential Elections

Posted on May 24, 2012 in GlobeScope

By Anannya Roy Chowdhury:

The United States of America — it strikes a very familiar sense of awe and inspiration in all our minds, and that is no exaggeration. Just the other day I was browsing aimlessly through the internet and, in the process, stumbled across a stack of interesting write ups and polling concerning the latest Presidential elections scheduled to held later this year. With the world drooling over the prospects of the win or loss of Obama, it is quite a feast to feed on. There is an air of uncertainty that looms over the nation and, believe it or not, to analyse the Presidential elections proved to be one heck of an adventure for me.

So, now that I sit and plan to write the facts, I have clearly no idea how to present them in their plaintive view without letting my opinions come in way. However, let me just start by quoting what the first news headline read that kept me longing for more details on the same –

“Obama vs. Romney: who wins the battle of the metrosexuals?”

Metrosexuals? That was the last word I had expected to be even distantly related to President Obama and Senator Mitt Romney. Although these two modern-minded, highly affirmative about their female better halves and dauntingly carefree leaders trail the crooked by lanes of American Presidential politics, it is quite interesting to know how the people of the world’s most powerful nation think.

Who Likes Whom — Is it that Simple?

Both the candidates have their own set group of fans who, no matter what allegations are put on their leaders, are ready to stick on. Now, in the plain light, what any layman (and I am the best definition of it) sees for the Presidential election is the clear division of opinions and, consequently, votes. Obama, the leader of the democratic body of the States is a hot favourite among the Democrats, and Mitt Romney on the other hand and as the present disposition is, is popular among the Republicans. It seems like a very convincing division of loyalties. But then as I dug deeper there were rather shocking facts even at this trivial stage. What seems like an obvious choice for the Republicans is not how it is in the true sense. Polls conducted by Gallop in the past year painted a somewhat dwindling image of the current state of things. Unlike Obama who was the unquestioned preference for the Democrats, Romney came as a make-do for the other group. You might question how on earth this is related to the issue of which metro-man is to win, but the direct revelation of it is the trend that is likely to be seen in the voting pattern. Since Obama fans love him, percentages suggest that almost 70% of them feel more enthusiastic about voting today than in the past years and hence chances of him winning over Romney, who for that simple matter is not the first preference for even the Republicans, are substantially high. If we take statistics into account, more than 56% feel Obama has a stronghold as an incumbent this year and this assertion is aided by the historical account related to Presidential re-elections.

Twist in the tale; the current Gallop Poll results

It is certain that if we take the general mood of the public, Obama is highly adored for more than one reason, but there is no taking away from the fact that the economic condition of the nation is speaking, rather screaming of a tale that is tumultuous for the Democrat. The slack in the employment section leaves people with little hope about anything good. When registered voters were asked about their likings for the same, most said that although Obama seems to be a fit candidate to re-run and probably win the elections this year, the main concern that makes them cringe is the economic instability. Of the several dissatisfactions that they quote, economic uncertainty is the ‘most important issue’ to be dealt with. Within this too, the rapidly rising cost of medical treatments, unemployment and a surging deficiency in the federal budget remain the topmost concerns. The one stark remark that can be made pretty safely here is that people are very confident about the changing economic scenario under Romney as they feel their current leader failed to some extent. Although people have diverse opinions about what sector would be dealt the best by which leader, the economic handcuff seems to be the only constraint in the path of Obama’s victory.

Obama’s Forward campaign; Bait worth buying?

With not much personal opinions to coat the facts, I think it makes all the sense to see in a little detail about the prospective Presidential campaign that Mr Barrack Obama took resort to this year.
Few months back, the campaign video that aired made the picture very clear. Whether or not it was a marketing gimmick (cannot really say that that when the entire nation buys what you are selling, it seems only natural to promote extravagantly), the President’s campaign, smartly named Forward, talks about the good things that prevailed in his reign. I would directly quote the following lines from the video so as to present the facts plainly.

“Iraq War Ended . . . Libya Liberated . . . Osama bin Laden Dead . . . Unemployment Benefits Extended . . . Health Care Reform Passed”. Now do we really buy all of it? There is no problem with what his campaign designers and administrators did, because frankly why would anyone mention something that would turn the luck wheel away from him or her? However, as critics, it is very difficult for me to swallow the video without flinching. Employment, instead of rising, has gone down and so have others. But like any other true critic and ideal I think it is important to present the good facts as well. Terrorism, or maybe the Godfather of it, is no more and the obvious credit goes to this person. Now can there be any second thoughts about it? However, the Peace Prize Nobel laureate is also weighed under scrutiny for his other world programs. Drone attacks are incessantly used and form USA’s primal line of defence (well that is what they call their rather attacking techniques in a politically correct manner) against Yemen. How many of us take that to be correct is altogether another discussion. To top all this international peace conflicts (frankly, an average American is hardly concerned about his peace-making or war making plans), the current shackles that economy of the country lies in is enough to make his position slippery.

Romney’s course of action — Lame or Underdog?

What the initial phase of this year’s elections showed was nothing that was ideally pumped up. If we blame Obama and his team for showing us a vague and totally generic picture of what the next four years hold, Romney did not do much to impress, either. If we take the slogan itself in the plain light, “Believe in America” seems too stereotypical a phrase to continue with. However, just because he fought even within the Senate to get the ticket to contestation and surprisingly has convinced almost 90% of the Republicans to cast a vote for the change, there are likely chances that this otherwise lifeless looking attempt might actually be an underdog in the race.

My mind is clear…and I hope in the near future at least some of the Americans find an answer to their ethereal dilemma too.  How things turn is a matter of fact that is governed by several parameters of the most dynamic nature, and hence calling in for a result is too much of a dream as of yet. With their peace exhibitionist still claiming the top seat for the Presidential elections, it is more of an Obama vs. a not-Obama condition instead of Obama vs. Romney. So, in a situation as such, waiting is a good policy…speculating is better though.